Choosing Between Tall and Short Centerpieces

How to determine your preferred height for these reception decorations.

Choosing Between Tall and Short Centerpieces

Photo: The Yodsukars

Once you’ve chosen your reception venue, you will have a better idea of which décor ideas to pursue, color schemes to settle on, and the amount of space you have to work with for tablescapes and other design elements. You can start to imagine your seated guests enjoying a delicious dinner and visualize what should be placed in the center of each table for maximum impact. Do you picture an extravagant arrangement for your guests to gaze up and admire, which can also lend itself to amazing, wide room shots of your ballroom space? Or would you prefer for your loved ones to be able to enjoy shorter centerpieces down the entire length of a wooden farm table? 

Every couple wants their decorations to wow their guests, create wonderful memories of the event, and look gorgeous in photos, but which height is most appropriate for your special day? It really all depends on the style and aesthetic tastes of you and your groom. Because while you may love towering pink floral displays with rhinestone garlands hanging from tree branches, does this also represent the style of your soon-to-be-husband? It's definitely something to consider before making a final decision. 

Also, taller centerpieces condense the space you’re in, whereas shorter ones may make the room appear more bare – however, that may be ideal for an understated affair! Low arrangements make casual dinner conversation flow better since loved ones have a view of each other, while more statuesque styles can create a talking point for family and friends who may not know each other very well and likely won't be having lengthy discussions over dinner. Clearly, centerpieces take various shapes and forms, can include candlelight or fresh fruits, and so much more, therefore the decision lies in your preferences and what you find to be the most suitable arrangement for the theme and atmosphere of your reception. 

Here are some photos to help you consider which centerpiece height speaks to you most:


Tall white flower centerpieces on crystal bases

Tall centerpieces are elegant, elaborate, and eye-catching. Guests will be able to admire these styles as soon as they enter the venue. If you are considering this height, keep in mind that not all guests will be able to see each other from across the table. These artful creations may also "shrink" sizeable venue spaces. Photo by KingenSmith; Floral Design by HMR Designs


Short centerpieces in gold footed vase

If you want to add a simpler touch to your tables, consider short centerpieces for the reception. Not only are they often less expensive to create, they allow for more space for other details. Whether you seek a simple or elegant arrangement, low centerpieces can accomplish your desired look and perfect any theme. However, you might find that this type is “not enough” for your celebration and you prefer more striking, grander décor. Photo by David Manning Photographer; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events


White flower arrangements high and low centerpieces

If you still can’t decide, you might want to try utilizing both tall and short centerpieces for the reception. This may feel too busy for some tastes, but it works for certain themes and venues and provides a nice option for those couples who love the idea of both styles. It could also add to the ambience and make the décor more interesting. Though this option is not for everyone, it might be worth a try if you are torn between tall and short – and looks especially wonderful placed at head tables. Photo by The Yodsukars; Floral Design by Flowers by Cina; Rentals by Revelry Event Designers

Choose the centerpiece that you are drawn to most and the style that makes the most sense for your wedding. Regardless of which height (or heights) you choose, your reception is going to be special!

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