The Dazzling Effect of an Ombré Color Scheme

View the myriad ways graduated shades of color can be integrated into your wedding design.

The Dazzling Effect of an Ombré Color Scheme

Photo: Marianne Lozano, Christine Bentley, Olivia Leigh Photographie

The visual impact of a wedding is the first thing noticed by guests, and a well-done ombré effect makes a powerful impression. Graduated shades of color can be integrated into a wide range of décor elements that span both the ceremony and reception – even your wedding attire can reflect an ombré effect and contribute to the overall theme.

Consider working with your florist to create an ombré floral design or consulting your cake designer on how to display ombré details. The inspiration below can help get you started, and be sure to share your own ideas for integrating an ombré effect into your wedding by posting your thoughts in the comments section below.

Eugenia Couture Joy Collection ombre wedding dresses

A subtle graduation of shading on your bridal gown is a unique way to reflect the ombré trend. The fall 2016 bridal collection by Eugenia Couture included light, airy wedding dresses that gently descended in color from pale ivory to a delicate touch of blush. Photos courtesy of Eugenia Couture

Pink swirl ombre rose petals at ceremony

Aisle treatments are one of the trendiest ways to introduce ombré into your ceremony décor. Here, pale pink swirls of rose petals give way to crème brûlée as the design proceeds down the aisle. Photo by Marianne Lozano Photography; Rentals by Revelry Event Designers; Venue: Montage Laguna Beach

Pink rose petal glamelia bouquets in ombre style

Wedding bouquets can get the ombré treatment as well. These glamelia bridesmaid bouquets expand from ivory centers to rings of pale blush cuffed in fuchsia petals. Photo by Marianne Lozano Photography

Ombre draping at Chicago wedding reception

Professional lighting is a clever way to add ombré coloring to an entire room. Here, swathes of fabric and imposing columns are brightened then lightened via red, pink, and amber lighting. Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie; Floral & Event Design by HMR Designs

Ombre floral table runner at wedding reception

Since reception flowers tend to be lavish, they can be a huge asset in terms of affecting an ombré look simply because there are so many of them to work with. A row of low-standing arrangements in graduating shades of purple, orange, and pink dazzle from the center of this reception table. Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie; Floral & Event Design by HMR Designs

Ombre wedding cakes at wedding receptions

A talented cake designer can imbue your bridal sweet with subtle or not-so-subtle ombré detailing. At left, delicate ruffles of icing descend in color from white to blush on a trio of stacked tiers, while a richly colored cascade of burgundy, red, pink, and mauve peonies fashioned out of fondant adorn a towering cake at right. Photos (L-R) by Elizabeth Messina and Olivia Leigh Photographie