How to Define Your Wedding Invitation Style

Your personal flair can inspire your wedding stationery.

Now more than ever, couples are infusing their celebrations with personal details, creating one-of-a-kind events that showcase their distinct tastes. Find out how to personalize your wedding invitation suite!

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Photo: Eli Turner Studios

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings. Now more than ever, couples are infusing their celebrations with personal details, creating one-of-a-kind events that showcase their distinct tastes. Personalizing your soirée is not just about composing a cohesive look for your big day – it’s about defining your style.With so much inspiration available, this can be difficult to narrow down. Where do you begin? The following ideas will give you a good starting point to guide you through the process.

The First Steps

Create Inspiration Boards

As you compile pictures that resonate with you for your online inspiration board, your preferences will present a starting point. If this doesn’t occur, don’t despair; some of the next steps can help you hone the options a little bit more.

Define Your Style (Individually and As a Couple)

First, look in your closet. Your clothes, shoes, and other accessories should indicate where you fall on the spectrum. Notice the tones and patterns you gravitate towards and which you wear well. 

Write Down Keywords That Best Describe You & Your Fiancé

Maybe you are outgoing and appreciate modern elements or perhaps you are more traditional with a flair for the dramatic. Character traits can also determine the look and level of formality you’d like to have at your wedding. 

Think About Personal Experiences You May Be Able to Incorporate

How did you get engaged? Where did you meet? Are there any significant trips you have taken together? For example, a couple I worked with absolutely loved their little dog, Jonesy. He played a big role in the proposal and meant the world to them. Additionally, the groom was a comedian, so they both had a wonderful sense of humor. As a result, one of the pieces in their invitation suite featured a drawing of Jonesy and their reply card was crafted in the form of a Mad Lib. The hilarious responses to the latter were then displayed at the reception for guests to read. Their celebration encompassed whimsical and classic details infused with their colorful personalities. 

Once you’ve determined your style, keywords that describe you and your fiancé, and any personal touches you might want to include, it’s time to figure out how to tie them all together. 

You've Got Mail

Your invitation suite is a wonderful way to introduce your bridal motif. Since it’s the first item your guests will see for your wedding, it is important to make the right impression! Whether working with a designer, going the ready-made route, or fashioning them yourself, the following are a few ways to integrate your favorite components into the paper products for your special day. 

Form a Wedding Logo or Monogram

A logo or personal wedding monogram is a great way to establish a signature look. While the logo could simply feature your initials, another approach could entail incorporating icons from experiences or factors that are unique to you, as a couple. Keep in mind, it can be displayed on everything from the invitations, down to cocktail napkins. 

Contemplate Custom Maps

A fun, artistic addition to any invitation suite is a custom map, which can be a directional tool or purely a decorative element. Consider showing locations that are significant to your relationship. Maybe it’s the special restaurant where you shared your first date, your prized wine-tasting room, or the landmark where your proposal took place. Even if you’re ordering a predesigned selection, many calligraphers will work with you to design a custom piece, which will set your stationery suite apart and add a symbolic touch.

Use Hand-Drawn Illustrations or Watercolors

Hand-drawn illustrations or watercolor details are a versatile way to infuse your personality onto paper. This can range from your favorite flower to a caricature of the two of you. The sky really is the limit in this area!

After "I Do"

You’ve worked hard to customize your nuptials and craft ideas all your own, but it doesn’t have to end there. Consider having stationery made with your bridal logo; use it on holiday cards or have it embroidered on linen napkins or bedding. Personalized maps or illustrations can be framed and displayed in your new home. If you hired a designer, think about having him or her create an art piece with your vows using the same fonts, colors, and motif as your stationery. When your big day is truly a reflection of your spirit as a couple, transitioning the look into your married life should be seamless.

Your wedding is a celebration of your union. It’s your opportunity to develop a signature style that will brand your festivities and your lives together thereafter. 

Opening photo by Eli Turner Studios; Floral & Event Design by Amaryllis Floral & Event Design; From Real Wedding: Wedding Inspired by Dutch Golden Age Paintings in Washington, DC