How to Incorporate Your Wedding Monogram Throughout the Big Day

Gather expert tips on ways to include your wedding monogram in paper goods and more!

Palm Beach-based wedding planner and designer Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties is sharing her expert advice on ways to use a wedding monogram throughout your wedding events!

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Every couple wants their big day to be unique, and while there are hundreds of ways to customize your wedding to be as personalized as can be, one of the easiest ways to add a custom element to your design scheme is with a wedding monogram! Whether you design it yourself or ask a professional who is skilled at making monograms to design it for you, the result is an artful representation of your initials that can be shared throughout the wedding and even incorporated into life after the wedding. 

While personal monograms feature your first and last initials for a two-letter monogram – plus the addition of your middle initial for a three-letter monogram – wedding monograms typically feature just the couple's first initials – read expert tips on that below! Whether you choose one look or two, make sure to keep the style consistent throughout your wedding for the most high-end look that will wow your wedding guests. 

"Creating a wedding monogram can single handedly elevate your wedding and bring the utmost personalized touch," shares wedding planner and designer Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties, based in Palm Beach, Florida. She recently organized a beautiful wedding for Sarah and Murray that's featured in the Summer 2020 issue of Inside Weddings – available digitally on Issuu – that showcased the pair's gorgeous wedding monogram designed by Ceci New York on pre-wedding details, as well as throughout their Palm Beach wedding weekend. 

Take a look at Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties' advice for adding wedding monograms to your celebration – from how to go about designing wedding monograms to ways to incorporate monograms throughout your wedding. 

How to Make a Monogram 

"Your wedding monogram should be thought out and designed to complement your wedding invitation suite," suggests Heather. Since your wedding monogram will likely be seen for the first time on your save the date or wedding invite, it should complement the custom design of your invitation. "Most couples choose a two-letter monogram – the first initials of the bride and groom's names – as at the time their wedding invitations go out, they are not married yet." If you want to eventually include the initial of your new shared last name, Heather suggests adding that custom monogram after the ceremony. "Using a three-letter monogram can be something you may want to add on your wedding-day pieces." 

As soon as you've made your monogram using the first initials of your names, it's time to choose where you'd like to show it off at your wedding. Thankfully, there are many options! "Once you have your monogram designed to your liking, there are so many special ways it can be carried out throughout your wedding weekend!" affirms Heather. 

View some of her favorite ways to implement wedding monograms throughout the big day:

Wedding Monogram on Invitation 

As Heather mentioned above, the wedding invitation is one of the first places wedding guests will see your monogram, along with your wedding date. "Revealing your monogram on your invitations gives guests a sneak peak into what’s in store," she suggests. While some couples choose to incorporate just their initials with a simple, yet sophisticated look throughout the wedding, others decide to add in a unique design, such as a custom illustration of their wedding venue, a special sign or symbol that's meaningful to their relationship or family, and so much more. Speak with your monogram maker and designer to find out how to further personalize your wedding monograms.

Luxury Wedding Monogram Ideas - Invitation
Photo by KT Merry; Planning & Design by Posh Parties Palm Beach; Venue, Cake & Catering: The Breakers 

Wedding Monogram on Your Welcome Bag 

Whether you're having a destination wedding or not, many modern-day couples choose to use wedding welcome bags – either for all of their loved ones or guests coming in from out of town to attend the wedding. "I have used a monogram many times on welcome bags and inside welcome bags on some of the contents," shares Heather. This particular real wedding featured monograms on the bag itself, and also the gifted bag of popcorn and enclosed wedding itinerary. "Again, using monograms as a way to brand your wedding is never a bad idea," she notes.

Luxury Wedding Monogram Ideas - Welcome Bag
Photo by KT Merry; Planning & Design by Posh Parties Palm Beach; Venue, Cake & Catering: The Breakers 

Wedding Monogram on All the Little Details 

"Monograms can then be carried out during your wedding weekend," notes Heather. Whether you include it on a wedding welcome sign for the wedding ceremony or reception, use it on the wedding bar at cocktail hour, or add it to your wedding program, the options for adding this personalized element to your wedding are endless. "It can be used on the smallest details," she begins, "like match books, custom cigar bands, and cocktail napkins." This particular real wedding showcased a cigar bar with cigars featuring custom labels and matching match books.

Luxury Wedding Monogram Ideas - Cigars & Matches
Photo by KT Merry; Planning & Design by Posh Parties Palm Beach; Venue, Cake & Catering: The Breakers 

If your wedding will include additional events, such as a welcome party or morning-after brunch, those extra events create even more opportunities to use monograms. "One other fun place we have done monograms is on branded coconuts at your wedding welcome party or cocktail hour," adds Heather – a great idea for a fun, tropical feel during any season. If you choose not to emblazon your wedding monogram on a coconut, we've seen many couples use it on the sign or menu at the bar, on disposable cups, and much more. "Any chance you get to add your wedding monogram – without over doing it – will add that level of personalization to your wedding weekend without even having to try!"

Luxury Wedding Monogram Ideas - Coconut Cocktails
Photo by KT Merry; Planning & Design by Posh Parties Palm Beach; Venue, Cake & Catering: The Breakers 

Wedding Monogram on Linen Napkins at Place Settings 

Every bride talks about how they never realized they would need to decide on which color napkin to offer their guests, so while you're thinking of the hue for your wedding napkin, think about personalization as well! "A favorite place to use  monograms is on the linen napkins at each place setting," confirms Heather. "It adds an intimate, dinner-party touch – even at a large wedding," she notes. For large wedding guest lists, it's important to make your loved ones feel appreciated, and this extra touch can go a long way towards making your wedding attendees feel special. "You can even ask your banquet staff to save them and get them dry cleaned to use again in your home," suggests Heather, as it would be a shame for them to go to waste! If you don't want to dry clean the napkins from the wedding, she suggests that couples "be sure to order 20 more for you to have as a wedding keepsake!"

Luxury Wedding Monogram Ideas - Place Setting
Photo by KT Merry; Planning & Design by Posh Parties Palm Beach; Venue, Cake & Catering: The Breakers 

Wedding Monogram on Your Wedding Cake 

When designing your wedding cake, you'll not only choose the flavors for each tier, but also the style of the confection itself. Some pairs choose to create opulent wedding cakes with bright colors or hundreds of sugar flowers, but this particular wedding cake went the classic route, which will never go out of style. "This subtle monogram on the cake took this wedding cake from plain to personalized," describes Heather. We've seen most couples highlight their wedding monogram in one of the center tiers, but the look is completely up to your personal preference! For couples who want their monogram to stand out on the cake, consider using a different color monogram or placing the monogram on a layer of the cake that stands out in terms of its decorations.

Luxury Wedding Monogram Ideas - Wedding Cake
Photo by KT Merry; Planning & Design by Posh Parties Palm Beach; Venue, Cake & Catering: The Breakers 

Wedding Monogram on Your Dance Floor 

One of our favorite places to include your new last name or your wedding monogram is where your friends and family will be all night long. "I love a monogram on the dance floor," confirms Heather. "Having your monogram in such a prominent place in the ballroom makes your mark and keeps your personalization level high." It's a wonderful way to showcase your personal wedding monogram throughout the reception – and it looks great in wedding photos of your first dance. With hundreds of guests flooding the dance floor all night long, what better place to add your personal touch? "It’s the perfect place to show it off!" adds Heather.

Luxury Wedding Monogram Ideas - Dance Floor
Photo by KT Merry; Planning & Design by Posh Parties Palm Beach; Venue, Cake & Catering: The Breakers 

If you're looking for more ways to add your wedding monogram to further customize your décor, consider adding it to your wedding aisle runner, on wedding programs or fans at a warm-weather ceremony, pillows at a wedding cocktail hour or reception lounge area, as well as on wedding favors. Brides can include their name or wedding monogram on a ribbon attached to the bridal bouquet, the inside of their wedding dress, or a handkerchief they keep or gift to their parents with an embroidered note. Grooms can add their name or wedding monogram to the cuffs of their shirt, inside of their tuxedo jacket or on cuff links, as well as on their shoes should they choose to customize them. 

As you can see, there are a number of ways to make monogram designs work throughout your wedding celebration – you just need to be creative and use the designs where they make sense, without overdoing it! If you have a wedding planner by your side, they can help suggest ways to use your monogram throughout the wedding; however, if you're planning your wedding on your own, start with Heather's advice! 

Be sure to check out the Summer 2020 issue of Inside Weddings to see more from this gorgeous Palm Beach real wedding on Issuu!