Discover the Pros & Cons of Having a Fall Wedding

Things to consider if you choose to tie the knot during the autumn.

The season is the introduction to the upcoming holidays and the festive energy is growing, so it’s no wonder autumn has become such a popular time of year for nuptials!

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When people think of fall, they usually picture pumpkin patches, brightly colored leaves, and spiced lattes. The season is the introduction to the upcoming holidays and the festive energy is growing, so it’s no wonder autumn has become such a popular time of year for nuptials! Many couples pursue a fall wedding for various reasons – some want to avoid the heat of summer, while others simply embrace the time of year and enjoy the chillier temperatures. Whatever the reason, review the following pros and cons if a fall wedding is on your mind.

Fall leaves at wedding anniversary party vow renewal

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- You can have a holiday-inspired soirée. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa occurring within three months, a fall wedding will automatically inherit a festive vibe. Many couples pursue a holiday theme for their autumn wedding, which only enhances the merriment of the season.

- The atmosphere is perfect for photos. Colorful leaves are falling, the sunlight is less harsh, and the weather is mild compared to winter temperatures. What better time to pose for memorable, picturesque snapshots of you and your sweetheart?

- Most venues are not entirely booked for the fall. Fall is not as busy a time as summer, with hotels meeting capacity due to the high number of vacationers, or like in the winter, when there is a rush of holiday parties both familial and corporate. Fall is a calmer time, thus venues may have more availability, and with that, the ability to fulfill your request for a specific wedding date.

- The availability of seasonal décor. If you are seeking an autumnal color palette or want to infuse some fall-inspired pieces into the decorations, you’ll be able to easily find what you’re looking for. Retailers start to stock fall products on shelves before summer has even ended, so you’ll have time to score some great deals on items.


- There may be a chance of rain. Although the brutal heat is gone, the rainy season is quickly approaching and you’ll want to be prepared. Consider the high chances of rain in the fall, especially if you are planning an outdoor soirée. You may need to have a Plan B secured for unexpected weather changes. Talk to your planner and photographer about this so you’re all in agreement on what to do if this were to occur – it could mean moving the ceremony from one area to another, renting a tent, and/or scouting another spot for bridal portraits.

- The holidays are quickly approaching. During the fall months, families are planning vacations and being more conservative with finances due to upcoming gift shopping and holiday dinners. This is something to consider if you desire a destination or weekend wedding, which would require airfare and hotel stays for loved ones.

- You may feel limited to a certain color palette. Fall weddings typically showcase darker hues, such as burgundy and plum. If you have your heart set on a bright, punchy color palette for your wedding, you might want to revisit the time of year you’re getting married or have a conversation with your planner about how you can make hot pink work nicely in October.

- You will not have that summer glow. Many brides like to lay out and tan before the big day, which is quite easy in the spring and summer months. However, this is challenging in the fall. You can always use a tanning bed or self-tanning products, but nothing compares to getting a natural glow from being out and about in the summer and having a sun-kissed skin tone.

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