Colorful Wedding Jewelry Worn by Real Brides

See how stunning vibrant gemstone jewelry can be part of a bridal ensemble.

Colorful Wedding Jewelry Worn by Real Brides

Photo: Nancy Cohn Photography

When most people conjure images of wedding-day jewelry, colorless diamonds or pearls usually come to mind. But if you’re a bride who loves color, there’s no reason why you can’t reflect your favorite hue in your bridal jewelry. Emeralds, rubies, citrines, sapphires – and even colored diamonds – are in vogue when it comes to contemporary brides, who view their wedding-day look as an opportunity to make a personal style statement.

We gathered images of some of the most beautiful colored gemstones worn by Inside Weddings brides, from statement pieces to delicate pairings of dainty earrings and necklaces. Browse our picks and see if you’re inspired to infuse a vibrant hue into your wedding-day look, and let us know in the comments below which colors and styles speak to you.

Green Wedding Jewelry

Emerald halo earrings

Photo by Kelly Kollar Photography

Indian bride wearing green jewelry

Photo by John Solano Photography

Light green gemstone ring

Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography

Green bracelet for wedding jewelry

Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography

Pink & Red Bridal Jewelry

Indian bride with red wedding jewelry

Photo by Kristen Weaver Photography

Red wedding day jewelry

Photo by Yogi Patel - Global Photography

Yellow Bridal Accessories

Yellow diamond bracelet and earrings

Photo by Roey Yohai Photography

"Something Blue" Jewelry

Light blue wedding jewelry

Photo by Dalal Photography

light blue purple wedding day earrings

Photo by Stephanie Fay Photography

Blue necklace for wedding day jewelry

Photo by Brett Matthews Photography

Blue wedding day necklace

Photo by John Solano Photography

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