The desire to express immense appreciation for their families and friends drove the effort behind the wedding of Michelle Ferraro and Michael Tadross. “I wanted it to be extraordinary!” enthuses the bride, who felt extremely grateful that loved ones were willing to travel to attend the couple’s affair. After an epic search that involved three different states, the bride finally found the perfect venue in a magnificent French-style chateau. “The [historical] estate was everything I’d dreamed of, and it took my breath away,” describes Michelle. “I couldn’t wait to get creative and utilize everything the castle had to offer.” The couple booked all 32 rooms of the chateau to accommodate their bridal party, family members, and many of their guests. “We were surrounded by so many people we love and care about,” the bride recalls of the genuine intent of having a large event.

The layout of the décor was constructed around a theme of romance and the intention to treat guests as if they were royalty. Timeless hues such as vanilla, crème brûlée, and shimmering gold were incorporated into the design to create a regal ambience. The castle grounds displayed a verdant landscape so flawless as to seem surreal. Picturesque ponds and manicured shrubbery worked in unison to create clever patterns, and the sweeping staircases and artful architecture of the building further enhanced a sense of overall grandeur.

The bride was resplendent in a Pnina Tornai gown that sparkled with dazzling crystal embellishments. The back showcased button-down detail that ended in a cluster of silk roses. Personalized components of the bride’s attire included a very special accessory: the wedding tiara that belonged to her late sister-in-law. “I was her maid of honor,” Michelle shares, “and it was extremely significant to me to wear her tiara down the aisle. It is something considered sacred to my family and will be worn by generations to come.” Satin pumps in a rich shade of royal blue peeked from beneath the skirt of the bridal gown with each graceful step down a monogrammed aisle edged with hundreds of rose petals. A cascading bouquet of bright white orchids provided the finishing touch.

Seeing each other for the first time that day is a moment that stands out for both the bride and groom. “We took pictures prior to the ceremony and it was so nice to spend those few hours together,” Michelle confides. The vow exchange took place in the open air beneath an immaculate arch of snowy roses, lilies, and varieties of orchids. Two vertical stands holding oversized pomanders abounding with foliage framed the happy couple as they exited the aisle as husband and wife.

Guests enjoyed cocktails at a lovely outdoor lounge area conceived by the bride. “I brought in furniture, had bars built – the venue was very accommodating as far everything I wanted to do,” she says. The customizations didn’t end with the lounge – the bride commissioned dance floors, stages, and more for the celebration that followed.

A fête designed to excite the senses of every loved one in attendance, the reception featured personalized elements of importance to the couple. “Our menu consisted of dishes from our favorite restaurants in The Hamptons, Beverly Hills, and New York City,” shares the groom. Beautiful tablescapes were anchored with linens overlaid in lace, and understated chairs were embellished with lace-patterned seat covers. Michelle had provided simple direction to her florist (“Romance, class, and orchids, orchids, orchids!”), and the end result fulfilled her every expectation. Centerpieces featured lush cascades of blooms atop sparkling crystal vases draped with strands of faceted gems. Small assemblies of roses and candles encircled the base of each arrangement for an additional touch of glamour. Gold-trimmed dinnerware and sleek menu cards were tucked into lustrous satin napkins, and favors of great sentiment were placed at each setting. “My sister-in-law always loved Jay Strongwater picture frames,” explains Michelle. “Every guest received one of two styles I selected, and many of our friends now have them displayed in their homes with photos from the wedding.”

A spectacular white wedding cake that displayed handmade sugar flowers was the show-stopping dessert that concluded the dinner service. “I wanted a cake as tall as I am, and that’s exactly what we got!” beams the bride of the seven-tier extravaganza.

The groom had taken great pleasure in securing the music selections entrusted to a live band and DJ for the evening. "I feel as though entertainment really brings a wedding to life," he asserts. "The atmosphere created by the music is an integral part of the celebration." The after-party designed by the bride was another highlight for Michael. “Michelle and I met at a nightclub/restaurant that I owned, and our wedding afterhours club reflected the same look.”

Although the dancing drew to a close in the wee small hours of the morning, the celebration wasn’t over: The couple hosted a generous brunch for loved ones before departing for their honeymoon.

The groom credits his wife’s imagination and creativity as the source of their wedding magic, but a different kind of magic was at the heart of their special day: a lifetime commitment made in the presence of the people they most care about. “I knew I wanted to marry her from the second I laid eyes on her,” Michael asserts of his bride. “And I know no matter what life throws at us, nothing will keep us apart.”