Don't Be These 7 Terrible Types of Bridesmaids

Watch the worst bridesmaids from movies for a lesson in what not to do.

Don't Be These 7 Terrible Types of Bridesmaids

Photo: Callaway Gable

Bridesmaids need look no further than the movies to discover exactly what not to do on the big day. It seems there's a bridesmaid behaving badly in every wedding movie – take Cousin Nikki and her ridiculous blue dress in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, or Annie's meltdown at the bridal shower in Bridesmaids. As it turns out, these ladies are both entertaining and educational. They reveal the worst mistakes a 'maid can make, mistakes that result in a stressed-out bride or even a loss of friendship. If you've been asked to be a bridesmaid, ensure you'll emerge from the wedding with your friendship, dignity, and sanity intact by watching the following movie bridesmaids and taking copious notes. 

Each of these bridesmaids embodies a "type" that you definitely don't want to be. In the end, though, these bridesmaids all made the same mistake: They let their own insecurities and preferences get in the way of their job, which is to be supportive of the bride. Watch the clips below to discover the ways a bridesmaid can go very, very wrong on the big day.

The Competitive Fellow Bride - Bride Wars
Maybe it sounded fun at first when you and your bestie got engaged at the same time. You'll be able to dicuss centerpieces and guest lists together! But then the competition can slowly start to creep in; after all, you want don't want her wedding to be better than yours! Of course, most brides won't stoop to Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway)'s level of pranks and trickery, but your entire wedding planning process will be ruined if you let jealousy and competition get to you. Be confident in your own wedding and focus on planning a celebration that represents you, and stop comparing your plans to those of your friend.

The Scene Stealer - Bridesmaids
We all sympathized with Annie (Kristen Wiig) when Helen (Rose Byrne) seemed to replace her as the best friend of the bride, Lillian (Maya Rudolph). But no matter how angry she was, it goes without saying that the bridal shower was not the time to air her grievances. The bridesmaid should never take attention away from the bride. You're there to support her and help her day run as smoothly and happily as possible. Confront the bride after the wedding – and for Pete's sake, don't throw grass into the chocolate fountain!

The Pushy Fashionista - My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Every bride has that one bridesmaid who will not wear any dress that doesn't make her look spectacular. Even if it's not to the bride's style, she's determined to convince her to let her wear her favorite sexy ensemble. But weddings are meant to represent the bride and groom's tastes, and it's rude to try and force them to adopt your own preferences. When Toula (Nia Vardalos) tactfully said she'd "think about" the fabric, Nikki (Gia Carides) should have respected that, instead of having the dress made and leaving Toula no choice but to use it in the wedding.

The Bad Toaster - Rachel Getting Married
Just try to watch Kym (Anne Hathaway) give this toast, in which she talks primarily about her own stints in jail and rehab, without cringing. Wedding toasts aren't a time to apologize for past transgressions, embarrass the newlyweds, or call out any guests that you may be upset with. The best speeches are short, kind, and complimentary of the new couple. There's nothing worse than having to sit through an awkward, never-ending toast, so don't be that bridesmaid who makes everyone want to crawl away and hide.

The Jokester - Bachelorette
Is there anything worse than ripping the bridal gown the night before the wedding? Bridesmaids, whatever you do, do not use or manipulate any item for the wedding in an attempt to be funny. No matter how "funny" that photo of Regan (Kirsten Dunst) and Katie (Isla Fisher) wearing the bride's gown would have been, it's completely disrespectuful to mess with such an important item. Treat the wedding with the same reverence as you would treat your own.

The Unrequited Love - My Best Friend's Wedding
There's no easy way to deal with being a maid of honor who's also in love with the groom. Only you know if you'll be able to be a supportive bridesmaid. If you can't participate in the wedding festivities without distracting from the celebration or making yourself utterly miserable, perhaps it's best to respectfully decline the invitation to serve in the wedding party. Julianne (Julia Roberts) could certainly have saved herself some heartache (and drama) by not subjecting herself to such a painful situation.

The Doormat - 27 Dresses
Yes, bridesmaids are supposed to help the bride and be as positive and accommodating as possible. But that doesn't mean you need to let her treat you like your feelings don't matter. You also don't need to agree to be a bridesmaid just because you're asked. Jane (Katherine Heigl) may make everyone else happy, but she's losing herself in the process. It's okay to stand up for yourself if you're being taken advantage of as a bridesmaid.

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