Embellish Wedding Cocktails with Fun, Decorative Straws

Discover the drink trend that’s adding color to the cocktail hours.

Embellish Wedding Cocktails with Fun, Decorative Straws

Photo: Courtesy of Aardvark Straws

Floral accents are romantic and drink tags are charming, but it’s the colored, patterned paper straws that are ranking as the trendiest of drink accents. Brides are coordinating straws to their wedding colors, selecting patterns to mix things up, and even personalizing their picks, with Aardvark Straws leading the way with wedding-themed styles and customization.

Check out some of our favorite examples of decorative straws below, and see if they fit into your vision for a beautifully coordinated cocktail hour. Whether you order a personalized batch or simply select your favorite shade, your guests will be sipping pretty regardless of what you serve. 
Aardvark straw with wedding ring around it
Photo courtesy of Aardvark Straws

Wedding hashtag on striped straw
Photo by Thisbe Grace Photography

Pink orange striped straws at wedding
Photo by Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Striped straw in glasses of milk at wedding
Photo by Justine Ungaro

Striped straws in empty glass bottles
Photo by Jana Williams Photography

Groom holding striped straw cocktail at wedding
Photo by Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Swirly fun straws at wedding reception
Photo by Paul Barnett Photographer

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