6 Creative Ways to Dress Up Wedding-Day Cocktails

Find inspiration for jazzing up your cocktail hour with these awesome embellishment options for drinks.

6 Creative Ways to Dress Up Wedding-Day Cocktails

Photo: Vanessa Joy Photography

When it comes to embellishing cocktails, most people add something from the usual lineup and call it a day. A lemon wedge here, a swizzle stick there, and for really festive occasions, perhaps an extra maraschino cherry or two. For your wedding, however, the norm won’t do. You’ll never have a more important audience to wow, and with so many fun ways available to make your beverages stand out, why not make the extra effort and show just how specific your wedding details can be?

Check out six of our favorite ways to dress up cocktails below, and be sure to click on your favorite images to see more fabulous details from the real weddings to which they correspond.

1. Decorative Straws
Decorative wedding cocktail straws
Available in an array of colors, patterns, and even options for personalization, pretty straws are an easy way to infuse your drinks with style. Photos (L-R) by Images by Berit, Inc. and Meg Perotti

2. Rock Candy
Rock candy on top of champagne flute
Glasses of Champagne or prosecco look and taste even sweeter with sticks of crystalized sugar placed across the rims. Photo by Vanessa Joy Photography

3. Calligraphed Flags
Personalized flags in wedding cocktails
Tap your calligrapher to inscribe cocktail flags with your wedding date or destination for a sentimental touch that’s elegant as well. Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography

4. Floral Accents
Lavender sprigs in wedding cocktail
A sprig of lavender, a delicate orchid, or a tiny rosebud can each transform a typical drink into an eye-catching statement beverage. Photo by Braedon Photography

5. Personalized Swizzle Sticks
Custom wood wedding drink stirrers
Simply upgrading from plastic to wood raises the bar on drink stirrers, but add your names or monogram to the mix and you really up the ante on elegance. Photo by Melissa Mermin | Love Stories

6. Miniature Drink Labels
Custom straw signs for wedding cocktails
Whether it’s attached to the aforementioned patterned straw or tied to a glass stem, tiny signage makes it easy for guests to choose drinks from passing trays – and looks polished and stylish to boot. Photo by Carla Ten Eyck Photography

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