Wedding Planning Details Not to Share on Social Media

Keep this information out of your newsfeed!

Wedding Planning Details Not to Share on Social Media

Photo: Karlisch Photography

what you shouldn't post on social media when wedding planning

Social media can be an all-consuming force nowadays, especially in the world of weddings. If you are in a certain age range, the stream of engagement announcements seems almost constant. Due to algorithms showing what those in your network “like” or comment on, you likely even see updates from people you don’t know. Everyone has their own social media pet peeves – the information they deem as oversharing. This tends to double for people who are wedding planning, especially for single friends or those who are impatiently awaiting a proposal themselves. While you are well within your rights to share your exciting moments leading up to the big day, it’s important not to go overboard. Not only does it leave out those who are not invited to the wedding, but it also takes away the element of surprise for your guests. Below are the aspects of your nuptials that you should be sure not to share on social media. 

- Publicly sharing the guest list is a major faux pas. You also should not let people know they are invited or ask anyone to be in your bridal party via social media.
- Whether with a direct or passive-aggressive update, there should be absolutely no allusion to any drama occurring with your wedding. From a controlling mother in law, a nonresponsive vendor, or misbehaving bridesmaid, such thoughts should be vented to a trusted friend – not all of your followers.
- To post a link to your registry or even refer to any presents you have or have not received comes across as gift-grabby, despite what your intentions might be. Similarly, do not send messages in the place of thank-you notes. You must send these on real paper!
- Nobody really cares when you book your various vendors, and those that do are people you can talk about planning in person.
- While a few acknowledgements of milestone moments such as 100 days, one month, or one week before your wedding may be considered acceptable, constant countdowns to the big day will get old fast.

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Opening photo by Karlisch Photography