Everything You Need to Know About Vow Renewals

What do you need to do to renew your vows?

Ahead, you’ll find tips that should help with the planning process!

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There are plenty of reasons a couple might choose to renew their vows. Perhaps they didn’t get to have their dream wedding the first time around, maybe they went through a rough time – or even a trial separation – in their relationship and want to start fresh, or they may just want to celebrate a milestone anniversary. No matter the motive, if you and your spouse decide you want to host a vow renewal, you may have some questions about what needs to be done. Just about every adult has gone to a wedding, but vow renewals are far less common. It’s understandable if you don’t know where to begin!

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Below, you’ll find tips that should help with the planning process:

- There is no legal process. Unlike marriage, there is no paperwork required for renewing your vows. It’s purely symbolic. That means you don’t have to worry about whether your officiant can legally preside over your wedding. In fact, you don’t even need an officiant! You and your spouse can merely exchange vows if you so choose.
- It can still be at a house of worship. Many religious venues will happily serve as the site for your renewal, as long as you are open and honest about what the event is.
- You don’t have to keep things intimate. Typically, vow renewals are on the smaller side, with only close friends and family. However, that is by no means a requirement and you are free to invite as many loved ones to your celebration as you’d like.
- Consider upgrading your rings. It’s certainly not a requirement, but getting a new ring can be a lasting way to mark the occasion. 
- Do whatever you want. Truthfully, there are no rules when it comes to vow renewals. It can be as fancy or as casual as you like, as long as it makes the both of you happy. 

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