Gorgeous Ketubah Designs You'll Love from Real Weddings

See striking and chic ketubah styles from traditional Jewish ceremonies.

Gorgeous Ketubah Designs You'll Love from Real Weddings

Photo: Elizabeth Messina

If you’re looking forward to having a traditional Jewish wedding, you’re likely thinking about – or actively searching for – a ketubah for your pre-ceremony signing. For those who are unaware, a ketubah is a written document that outlines a prenuptial agreement focused on the groom. In the past, it had to do with a monetary contribution from the soon-to-be husband, but in modern times, it is seen as a symbol of the couples’ vows and commitment to one another. Also a contemporary practice: signing and displaying a customized ketubah during the ceremony.

At Inside Weddings, we have come across our fair share of stunning ketubah designs, each representative of the newlyweds to which it belongs. Some match the motif of the chuppah, the concept of the wedding dress, or the reception décor, while others simply have a style all their own.

To see some of these gorgeous documents to gain ideas for your own wedding, scroll through the pictures below! Click on each photo for further inspiration from these beautiful events.

Photo by Mi Belle Photographers; Ketubah by Ketubah.com

Photo by John Solano Photography & Nadine Froger Photography

Photo by Callaway Gable

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

Photo by Sarah Tew Photography

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

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