Happy National Best Friend Day: Ways to Honor Your Bridesmaids

7 tips on highlighting your closest ladies from wedding planning through the reception.

Happy National Best Friend Day: Ways to Honor Your Bridesmaids

Photo: Carasco Photography

It’s National Best Friend Day! While you gear up to call your closest friends and remind them how much they mean to you, brides-to-be will likely be thinking of ways to highlight their gal pals in their wedding. Your nuptials are a day to celebrate love – the one you share with your significant other, as well as the bonds you have with the friends and family that bear witness to your vow exchange. After putting together your bridal party, you’ll be riding a wave of support and affection from your ladies: what better time to read up on some tips sharing how to lift them up during the wedding planning process and the event itself? After all; knowing that your loved ones are comfortable and happy is invaluable to any friend. You can honor your close-knit group in a few specific ways:

-   Accept their enthusiastic help, but don’t force it. Resist the urge to be like the brides in the movies – don’t make any wedding planning activities a requirement for your bridal party. It’s your job as the bride and groom – and your wedding planner, should you chose to hire one – to organize your special day. If any of your girls offer up their sincere assistance, and you could really use the extra help or opinions, then by all means, take them up on it!

-   Allow flexibility in dress choices. Unless all of your ladies have remarkably similar body types, chances are, a gown that one ‘maid loves dearly could also be the gown that makes another feel uncomfortable. Partake in the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend and simply select a color – this will allow your girls the freedom to pick a frock in which they feel beautiful and entirely confident. You may choose to even go a step further and not give any guidelines! Let the women wear whichever formal ensemble they find in their own closets.

-   Don’t center every conversation around the wedding. Planning is going to take at least a few months – if not much longer – so, in that time, life will be happening. Your friends will have their own joys and struggles to deal with during this time, and it’s your job to be available to them as a confidant and an attentive listener. Their opinion on your centerpieces can wait; always be sure to check in with each person.

-   Gift them a little something for their help and presence. Some brides elect to give their ‘maids a present to officially ask their friend to be in the bridal party while others wait until a pre-wedding event or the big day itself. It can be as simple as their favorite candy bar and as extensive as jewelry – you know your gals well and should be able to gauge what might make them smile.

-   Give plus ones to the single gals – and invite significant others. Allow the single members of the wedding party the option of bringing a date, if they so choose. Additionally, invite the significant others of your other bridesmaids by name on the mailed-out invitation suite. Celebrate your own love by honoring theirs!

-   Take at least one professional photo with each ‘maid. You’ll be so grateful you thought to spend a little extra time with each woman during your photo session. Having these fun snapshots will be a lovely reminder of your friendship, and you can send them to each while mailing your thank-you notes. Get as fun and creative as you’d like! Take it as an opportunity to show off the true essence of your friendship.

-   Spend some fun time on the dance floor with just your ladies. Get together with your bridesmaids in the very middle of the dance floor for a song or two at some point during the evening. The reception is all about letting your hair down after the stress of planning and having fun. Make sure the band or DJ has a few songs on their set list that you all know and love – no matter how cliché they may be!

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