Hiring a Food Truck for Your Wedding

What you should know if you decide to follow this trend.

Aside from creative color palettes, clever wedding hashtags, and intricate cake designs, a recent trend in nontraditional weddings is food trucks. Here are things to consider if hiring a Food Truck for Your Wedding

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It is no secret that many modern-day engaged couples are breaking traditional wedding customs and electing for newer, more unique details for their special day. Aside from creative color palettes, clever wedding hashtags, and intricate cake designs, a recent trend in nontraditional weddings is food trucks. These vehicles are equipped to serve all kinds of treats, from burritos and cheeseburgers to one-of-a-kind sandwiches. Some couples even opt to have multiple food trucks in lieu of a traditional dinner service – or sometimes, they are invited only to the after-party for late-night snacks. However, there are a few things to consider before pursuing this catering option.

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- Not all venues allow food trucks. This should be the first question you ask of any venue you are considering. Depending on city laws and certain licenses or permits, the site may not allow outside vehicles to park in or near the facility. Some venues may not allow food trucks at all, no matter where you plan to park them, while others do not ever permit outside caterers.

- The venue might not have adequate space for the vehicle(s). Whether you are celebrating your nuptials at a grand resort or a private residence, there just might not be much room for a food truck. Plus, you’ll need to consider that there needs to be plenty of space near and around the vehicle for guests to order and eat.

- They do not serve four-course meals. Most food trucks specialize in finger foods and street food, not the fancy lobster and filet mignon you might crave for your nuptials. If you prefer a more elegant menu, or feel that guests would better enjoy more decadent fare, then a food truck is not a good option. However, if your after-party has a more laid-back vibe, a food truck might be just what you’re looking for to keep your guests energized into the wee morning hours!

- You can customize your menu. You can offer every menu option or decide to serve a limited menu. Talk with personnel to see what the preparation time is on some of your favorite choices and what will work best with the number of guests you intend to feed.

- You might not be able to have a taste test beforehand. Unlike most venues and restaurants, food truck vendors might not offer a formal food-tasting appointment. If this worries you, think about restaurants or burger joints you love and ask if they offer food trucks.

- The food is usually served quickly. Because most food trucks prepare the meals beforehand, your guests will receive their food relatively fast. Again, this all depends on your guest-list size and how many options you will be providing.

- The vehicles operate at flexible hours. Plenty of couples have had food trucks arrive for cocktail hour or late-night snacking so that guests never feel hungry. You can even have the vehicle serve food throughout the day – maybe changing up their menu options as the day progresses.

- Be mindful of food restrictions. If any guests are vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, or allergic to dairy or nuts, consult with the food truck vendor. Be specific about how you’d like the ingredients handled and how to best accommodate attendees with special food needs.

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