Real Grooms Share Their Advice to Other Grooms

Former grooms pass on words of wisdom to other soon-to-be-married gentlemen.

Real Grooms Share Their Advice to Other Grooms

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Photo by George Street Photo & Video

Going into the wedding planning process, couples often have some idea of what to expect. Unfortunately, some of this knowledge may have been curated through watching wedding-based movies and TV shows, which don’t always portray these celebrations accurately. One of the most useful tools at your disposable? Advice from professionals and the people that have gone through the process.

Grooms-to-be can often find themselves at a loss when it comes to planning a wedding, so we’ve gathered some words of wisdom from some of the grooms whose nuptials have been featured on and Inside Weddings magazine to assist. Read about the best planning advice that our brides have received and discover some of our couples’ wedding-related regrets.

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“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” – Matthew

“At any scale of event or planning, the most important part is to try and enjoy and savor the moments you’re able to create memories around.” – John

“You should try to strike a balance between an elegant affair and a fun party. Live in the moment during the planning: each phase is exciting and it will be over before you know it.” – Adam

“I’d just tell them to be a part of the planning as much as they can.  It’s really fun to do together and makes the whole thing more special.” – Douglas

“Hire a wedding planner; they are a huge help!” – Stephen

“Don't let any of the details or stresses get in the way of the excitement. Planning a wedding can mean long, drawn-out meetings about flatware and napkins. It can be time consuming and expensive, but the goal is to get to the finish line without getting frustrated with each other.” – Tim

“Do not let nerves get in the way. It is such a special day and you need to enjoy it. It’s a unique night worth taking in. Drink wisely. Dance wildly.” – Pedro

“Enjoy every moment – time flies and you will be looking at memories of the evening before you realize it.” – Jeremy

“Find out where you fit. You know your wife, so just fill in the gaps. If she is a super planner, support and encourage her ideas and help with the execution. If planning is not her thing, pick up the slack in that area and communicate.” – Antonio

“Trust your team. We had some big ideas of what we wanted the wedding to look like, but we also wanted to hear from the vendors, draw from their experience, and collaborate with them. They’re professionals and took great care of every detail. Being open to ideas from everyone led to a really great wedding weekend. I would also recommend going on your honeymoon right away! It was a perfect way to relax after all the fun.” – Vincent 

“Invite only those you love, surround yourself with them as close as possible, enjoy every moment as it will fly by, and above all relax and take it in. Walk away for 10 minutes and look back at what you, your new wife, and your life to date created.” – Shaun