Married Couples Reveal Their Wedding Regrets

Real couples divulge the small things they would change if they had the chance.

Married Couples Reveal Their Wedding Regrets

Photo: Ahava Studios

Photo by Ahava Studios

Weddings are incredibly joyous, romantic occasions filled with sentimental words and fun traditions. Chances are, you’re going to have a lovely day with your closest family and friends, not to mention your beloved partner. However, just as with all other parts of life, there may be a thing or two you look back on with some regret – even if it’s just a miniature detail.

Below, 11 couples featured on share the specific aspects of their nuptials that they would change if given the chance. To see more from their nuptials, click on their names!

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“We got married in June, and then went to several of our friend’s weddings over the summer. It is hard sometimes not to compare or wish we had done something we’d see at another wedding, but we try to remind ourselves that we came out of our wedding weekend agreeing that we wouldn’t have changed a single thing! It was a magical weekend from start to finish.” – Lindsay & Finn

“I wouldn't get ready with so many people. All my bridesmaids got ready with me, and I overwhelmed myself. I should have had them come over after they got ready!” – Persia & Darab

“We would try to prepare a more effective budget from the beginning.” – Claire & Mitchell

“We would have taken the time to say hello to each table during dinner. I was busy changing outfits into something more comfortable and missed that special time to thank everyone for coming and celebrating with us.” – Sarah & Aaron

“We wish we would have just stayed seated during the wedding to allow our guests to come up to us instead of us trying to make the rounds and getting pulled apart by different conversations. It would have allowed more time for us to savor the moment together and spend time with our groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the head table.” – Ashley & Jason

“In hindsight, we should have been more thorough with our florist on some design elements. Although the flowers turned out great on our wedding day, the bridal bouquet was too small, and the wedding arch with the drapes was not quite what we had asked for – it was too flimsy.” – Sana & Brent

“We would have taken more photos.” – Kristina & Jeffrey

“We would have stressed about the little things leading up to the day much less.” – Catherine & Erik

“We would have done a better job of researching all of the bands in the area. They were great, but they did not totally fill our musical needs.” – Rachel & Adrian

“We would’ve ordered more Champagne! We ran out!” – Molly & Cooper

“In reality, we would have loved to eat everything we picked! There was just so much going on and we were so excited and busy that we didn’t eat much. It was sad, since we heard the food was phenomenal. Everyone tells you the big thing they wish they did was eat, and you think you will follow their advice, but it just does not end up happening.” – Sarah & Rehan

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