How Real Grooms Asked for Their Future In-Laws' Blessing

After they bought the ring, there was one more step before the proposal.

How Real Grooms Asked for Their Future In-Laws' Blessing

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hwo groom's ask for the father's blessing to marry their daughter

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Though to some it’s an outdated and unnecessary custom, we find that many of the grooms featured in our real weddings still choose to ask their bride’s father or parents for their blessing to propose. The sweet gesture helps to make her family feel involved in this exciting step you are taking together. If you or a loved one are planning to make this move soon, read the below stories from real grooms in order to set your mind at ease.

how men asked their girlfriend's fathers for permission to marry them

Photo by Brian Leahy Photography; Consulting by Tessa Lyn Events

“I spoke with her dad while we were driving together on the way to meet for lunch with Whitney and her mom… He didn’t crash, so that was good sign.” - Matthew 

“Asking Jenna's dad for his permission was something very important to both Jenna and myself. I emailed my future father-in-law asking for a night that was good for dinner. I did wait all night, though, to finally vocalize my question. Jenna's dad – and mom – couldn't have been sweeter and happier. Her Dad did joke I made him wait until after he cooked the steaks.” - Kelly

“I was away in Europe for work when Kate’s ring was finally ready and I wasn’t comfortable having it wait in my Brooklyn mail room or trust one of my wayward friends with it, so I had it delivered to Kate’s parents. They had no idea what it was. I told Kate I was sick and couldn’t go to work; instead I jumped in the car and drove three-to-four hours there and then straight back with a stop at a small diner to pick up the ‘Fed Ex package’ from Kate’s mum and dad. We sat in that diner for about 20 minutes, which felt like a week, as I pretended to care about my choice of omelets. I got up some coffee-based courage, opened the package, and showed it to her parents: ‘If you are ok with it, I was planning on giving this to Kate in Scotland next week.’ Thankfully they didn’t object, and I headed back to NYC and back into bed a mere 30 minutes before Kate returned home to take my temperature.” - Shaun

“I asked both of Carly’s parents for their blessing. I called them one morning and asked to come see them later that day. I went to their home and sat down in their den where I asked their permission and told them my ideas for the proposal.” - Adam

“The two of us sat her parents down in a hotel bar, and I spoke briefly about my intention to ask her to marry me and what I thought my future would look like. Her dad approved and gave us some fatherly advice.” - James

“I wasn’t able to meet with her father in person so I called him. He was very nice and gave me his blessing. I was able to meet with Elyse’s mother in person. She was coming to visit so I set up a secret meeting for the two of us. We met at a hotel and I told her I wanted to marry Elyse. She was very sweet and gave me her blessing. Later that day, Elyse and I went to see her mom and we had to pretend we hadn’t seen each other yet. She played it much cooler than I did.” - Doug

“I asked Kate’s mother and grandmother a few months before. I was super nervous so I just got it out of my mouth as fast as I could.” - Stephen 

“I feel like that is a tradition that is well worth honoring. I appealed to his Texan side by asking his permission over lunch, which was a big plate of barbecue. I think he knew a proposal was coming soon. Thankfully I was welcomed into the family and we continue to have a good relationship with each other’s parents.” - Tim 

“Her dad was out of town when I went to buy the ring.  I tried to call him a few times before buying the ring, but he was at a basketball game and didn’t answer the phone. When I finally got ahold of him, I had already bought the ring, but I just asked if he and my future mother-in-law would be okay with me asking Shelby to marry me when I went to visit her during my spring break.” - Ben

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