15 Fresh and Modern Ties for Your Groom

Discover style inspiration for the fashion-forward groom.

15 Fresh and Modern Ties for Your Groom

Photo: Sarah & Ben

Most wedding fashion focuses on brides, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of style options for grooms. Depending on the formality of the fête, grooms and groomsmen can wear anything from a classic black tuxedo to khakis and dress shirts. However, the real opportunity for the men to make a fashion statement is with neckwear. A stylish tie can make all the difference from an outfit being ordinary or memorable. While trendy bridesmaids start to lean towards mismatched, but complementary, dresses, distinctive ties give the men across the aisle the chance to differentiate themselves and show their individuality. If the groom had a part in choosing the wedding colors, all the more reason to let him in on the fun with a modern tie. 

While the boys don’t have to exactly match the bridesmaid dresses, neckties or bow ties influenced by the color palette of your big day will add an eye-pleasing cohesion to the soirée. There are a variety of different styles for the modern groom to have fun with his neckwear, and we’ve gathered some of our favorite examples from real weddings for your inspiration.

Polka Dots
A charming choice for a whimsical groom, polka dot ties can also be echoed with a pocket square in the opposite pattern. 

groom tie orange and black polka dots

Photo by lunaphoto

groom blue and white polka dot tie

Photo by Zuma Photo

groom black and white polka dot tie

Photo by Studio EMP

If the groom or groomsmen are a little reticent to be overly quirky with their accessories, a striped tie provides a hint of personality. 

groom silver and white striped tie

Photo by John Solano Photography

groom yellow and white striped tie

Photo by Kenzie Shores Photography

The perfect pattern for a hip husband-to-be, plaid is extremely versatile depending on which colors are used in the pattern. 

groom purple plaid bow tie

Photo by Stacy Newgent

groom black and grey tie

Photo by Kristen Weaver Photography

This intricate pattern has been making a comeback in recent years and manages to be an appropriate choice for both Southern gentlemen and boho-inspired grooms. 

groom pink paisley tie

Photo by Kelly Guenther Studio 

groom subtle paisley tie with neutral colors

Photo by Stacy Newgent

groom red paisley tie

Photo by Mi Belle Photographers

Colorful Pattern
Even if none of the above patterns appeal to you or your groom, there are a plethora of other options for a guy who wants to break out of the mold. 

groom green patterned tie

Photo by Mi Belle Photographers

groom silver pattern tie

Photo by KingenSmith

groom purple pattern tie

Photo by Turn Loose the Art

groom with blue tie and blush fish pattern

Photo by 
Susan Stripling Photography

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