Considering how often people say it’s important to first become friends with the person you spend your life with, it really doesn’t happen all that often. However, that’s exactly how the relationship between Brittany Kang and Adam Frank evolved. They met at Boston University, quickly connecting with their shared senses of humor. “We became best friends and didn’t actually start dating until several years later – which made our relationship that much more special,” muses Brittany. Not only did it take some time to start their courtship, but by the time they realized they were more than friends, she was living in Los Angeles and he was in New York. “It was when Adam picked up his life and moved to Los Angeles nine months later that I knew we were in it for the long haul,” Brittany confides. 

Once living together in Los Angeles, the happy couple went on a hike with their dog. At the top of the trail, Adam bent down to pour water for the pup and then suddenly he was on his knee, asking Brittany to marry him. “The surprises kept on coming – when we reached the end of the trail, Adam had schemed with both our families to pop out with Champagne, flowers, and balloons,” gushes the bride. In fact, he had flown everyone out from New York, and arranged a celebratory dinner afterwards, as well as drinks with friends later that night. “It was perfection!” Brittany exclaims.

When preparing to coordinate the interfaith ceremony, the bride leaned on her “amazing wedding planner [Tessa Lyn Events] and Adam, who was definitely more involved in the planning process than the average groom,” she explains. For the groom’s family, there was a lovely chuppah with white drapery and alabaster roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus blooms, and orchids. Brittany and Adam also participating in the breaking of the glass and the hora. In Korean tradition, in honor of Brittany’s family, they lit a unity candle during the ceremony. The father of the bride’s best friend also performed the service, which featured a reading of Winnie the Pooh, which was both Adam and Brittany’s favorite childhood book. 

The reception space complemented the color scheme established with the chuppah. “We loved the idea of a classic, clean and soft look – an aesthetic that would stand the test of time,” the bride explains. The mix of round and rectangular tables had corresponding centerpieces: round tables showcased clear tall vases or pedestal vessels made from mercury glass holding arrangements of hydrangeas, roses, and orchids placed on round mirrors and surrounded by floating candle holders in staggered heights, while the rectangular tables had smaller, similar arrangements in trios, as well as floating candle holders on mirror runners.

Where the newlyweds’ personalities really shined was with the cuisine and entertainment of the evening. “Adam and I valued fun and food over all things, putting the most [focus] into an incredible band and a delicious cocktail hour,” shares Brittany. The revelers spent the whole night dancing and were pleasantly surprised with a tasty treat. “In the last hour of our reception, we had an In-N-Out Burger truck – which was a huge hit, particularly for our East Coast guests,” notes the bride.

The enjoyment of their nearest and dearest was a high priority for both the bride and groom. “Never forget about your guests’ experiences,” advises Brittany. “Don’t forget about their comfort and convenience – those elements are the things they will appreciate most! We tried to create a weekend getaway experience for our guests, especially since we knew most of them were traveling across the country to join us.”