Finn Davis started his first day at marketing company in Boston with high hopes for his future – though likely regarding his career path: not thoughts of finding a wife. “We immediately noticed each other, but we started out as friends,” Lindsay Tagerman reveals. “After countless lunch dates, after-work drinks, and text messages, Finn kissed me one evening, and we never looked back.” Over the course of their romantic relationship, the two discovered a park just outside of Boston that they grew to love. One unusually warm autumn day, they planned a picnic at their favorite spot. “[I was] headed down the hill when Finn said my name,” remembers Lindsay. “I turned around and he was down on one knee. I remember him telling me that I was his best friend, but then there was a lot of crying on my part, and everything went a bit fuzzy!”

Forgoing a wedding planner, Lindsay and Finn took full advantage of their two-year engagement. “We got started on our planning as soon as we got engaged, and seeing as [we had ample time], we were lucky to essentially have our pick of vendors,” the bride notes. “My sister was married a month before [Finn proposed], so she gave me lots of advice. I also had a few best friends who had recently been married and their thoughts were invaluable as well.” One aspect the pair needed no guidance on: the venue. As Vermont was Finn’s home state, it was a natural choice for the setting of their event. “It is a place very dear to both of us. On top of that, it doesn’t hurt that Vermont is beautiful, and would provide a stunning natural backdrop,” Lindsay gushes. 

The wedding weekend kicked off on Friday with a welcome party consisting of fun games and delicious fare. “We wanted guests to mingle on Friday and Saturday, so that by the time our ceremony began Saturday evening, everyone would be good friends,” tells Lindsay. “We also wanted our friends and family to truly have a wonderful weekend, and feel like they were on vacation.” Since the majority of attendees stayed on property, they spent their down time participating in summer activities such as horseback riding, skeet shooting, and tennis, or by simply relaxing by the pool or in the spa. When it came time for the vows exchange to begin, the festivities were in full swing.

“I arrived [to the ceremony] with my dad in a blue thunderbird convertible,” the bride recalls. “On our short drive over, my emotions really kicked in, and I was trying very hard to fight back tears!” Bridesmaids traversed the open-air space in light blush gowns, passing guests comfortably seated on wooden benches, followed by the bride’s grandmother who served as the flower girl – a family custom. Lindsay was not far behind, sporting a fitted lace gown, and finally joined her beloved at their arbor, bedecked with abundant greenery and clusters of white blossoms with the mountains of Vermont looming in the background, framing the site. “Finn is Catholic and I am Jewish, so while we didn’t want a religious ceremony; we just knew we wanted to respect any traditions that meant something to us,” says Lindsay. “For example, we signed a beautiful ketubah and Finn stomped on the glass. Per a friend’s recommendation, the glass was stained: we bought a special mezuzah that the glass went into to hang at home.”

After the two were officially joined, the celebration continued indoors. Revelers found their escort cards displayed in notches made in wood branches resting on moss before entering the reception. Round tables adorned with crisp white linens and simple, low arrangements made up of pink and ivory perennials filled the space. “Our head table was several farm tables formed into a u-shape since we had a large bridal party,” the bride explains. “To show off the farm tables, we did a simple white hemstitch runner, and had flowing flowers rather than larger centerpieces.” Friends and relatives enjoyed a full, plated meal service before joining the bride and groom on the dance floor. “[Our band] killed it! Everyone was on the dance floor all night,” Lindsay exclaims. “It was a magical weekend from start to finish.”