Brides Share The Best Planning Advice They Received

Married women divulge the words of wisdom bestowed unto them during the planning process.

Brides Share The Best Planning Advice They Received

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Upon your engagement, it may seem that everyone around you wants to offer their own two cents on the planning process and your wedding day. At times, it’s difficult to sort through each piece of advice you and your partner receive as you go through booking the venue, sending out invitations, and purchasing the dress; however, oftentimes, there will be one particular sentiment that sticks with you throughout everything. 

Some of our brides, whose celebrations have all been featured on, share some of their favorite words of wisdom from their closest confidants during the coordination process below. Read stories on how real grooms found the perfect engagement ring for their beloveds here and discover the regrets some couples have had after their weddings.

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“Stop planning the week before the wedding. It’s time to relax, get pampered, and enjoy yourself!” – Sarah

“Choose your battles! Wedding planning can be daunting and with our demanding work schedules, we knew that the longer we gave ourselves to plan, the more time we would have to get lost in the weeds of things. Having a wedding planner was the best investment we made in the process!” – Sana

“Quality vs. quantity is important. Keep it simple, but always do it correctly and with practicality.” – Katrina

“Don’t try and please everyone. You can’t make everyone happy – you will get completely overwhelmed if you are trying to make everyone else happy.” – Catherine

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how expensive my dress was, how much we spent on décor, or even where we had the reception – all that mattered was the people who would be there to celebrate and dance the night away! It is really true.” – Ellen

Don’t skimp on the aspects that you find are most important to you – in the grand scheme of things, you won’t regret spending a little extra on those details that you’ll care about the most. Also, learn to give and take – sometimes you won’t see eye to eye with your fiancé on something, so see if you can compromise on one aspect to get what you want in another.” – Kelsey

“Don’t ask too many people for their opinions. It will only lead to confusion and will blur your own vision.” – Kimberly

“Being engaged and getting married are some of the happiest times in your life! Do not stress out about the planning process – it will all work out in the end. Just make sure to knock out the guest list early.” – Jennifer-Lind

“My sister and brother-in-law told us to just ‘act like’ we were madly in love when performing the first dance song, since both of us dislike dancing and being the center of attention! During it, we just focused on each other and the rest was a blur – success!” – Ashley

Early on, one of my bridesmaids told me to ‘remember to prepare for the marriage while planning the wedding. Enjoy this time! Do not get too caught up in the process: your wedding is one day, but your marriage will last a lifetime.’” – Sarah

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