Grooms Share How They Found the Perfect Ring

8 men reveal how they started their search for an engagement ring.

Grooms Share How They Found the Perfect Ring

Photo: George Street Photo & Video

grooms explain how they found the perfect engagement ring

Photo by George Street Photo & Video

After deciding they’re ready to propose, the next step for many men is to find the perfect ring. For some, it’s all about coordinating with loved ones to find the right style while still surprising their sweethearts. Others let their future brides make their opinions clear and let the actual proposal be the big surprise.

Real grooms, all of whom had their celebrations featured in Inside Weddings magazine and online, share how they selected the ideal engagement ring for their beloved, below. Get some ideas of your own by browsing through our wedding jewelry gallery.

grooms share how they found the perfect engagement ring

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“My sister sent me pictures from Lynette’s Pinterest. It was pretty clear what she wanted by that! My mom and I went and ordered the ring.” - Rowdy

“I went shopping with my mom mostly, getting her opinion. I also did a lot of research online and asked friends who had been engaged.” - A.J.

“My grandmother is a jewelry designer – a great one by the way – and we talked about creating something special. She has taught me a lot of things about jewelry and I love designing, so we made it together. She picked out a diamond from Israel and we created a unique yet traditional band with 5 prongs and two smaller diamonds on the sides.” - Pedro 

“Maggie wanted something classic and timeless. We both met with jewelers together and were choosy in just picking the jeweler. We found someone who we felt the most comfortable with and Maggie gave me direction in what she was looking for and then I narrowed it down to the exact ring.” - Drew 

“When things started to get serious with Daniela, I figured I had to find out what kind of ring she liked. On a weekend trip to Vegas, we were walking around boutiques and decided to walk into a jewelry store. We were looking at rings “just for fun,” but I was taking notes. Months later, when I was ready to propose, I went to tell my parents that I was going to begin looking for a ring. That is when they told me that my grandmother had left behind a beautiful solitaire for me when she passed away. For a few weeks, I went to look at engagement rings in stores, and finally designed a setting using styles I had seen in stores, using my grandmother’s diamond.” - Jeremy 

“The engagement ring process was simple because my wife is very particular and has been sending me pictures of rings for many years now. I knew EXACTLY what she wanted.” - Antonio 

“I have a family friend who is a jeweler, so I knew I was going to be in good hands. I had an idea of what style she wanted and I went from there and chose the diamond and the setting.” - Jason

“I wanted to get her a ring that she would be proud to wear and think of me every time that she saw it. I went shopping with my brother and found the perfect one.” - Vince

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