How to Make Your Postponed Wedding Just as Stunning

Discover expert tips from Toby Kassoy of Lilla Bello on planning for happier days.

If you had to postpone your spring wedding due to Covid-19, discover expert tips on how to make your ceremony and reception just as lovely in another season.

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So your day didn’t quite unfold the way it was originally planned. You may have just began planning your wedding or perhaps you were already months in and finalizing the last details, and then, the unthinkable happened. As an event professional, I can assure you, these are unchartered waters for all of us, so you are not alone! 

You and your fiancé had your hearts set on a date, a venue, a design, and ultimately a huge milestone moment in your lives. And suddenly, yet kind of in slow motion, COVID-19 took center stage and sidelined your wedding, and life as we know it! 

But rest assured, we will get through this together. As event professionals, we are trained to put out fires and pull rabbits out of our hats, all without you or your guests seeing a single detail out of place. As much as this is new territory for us, preparing for the unthinkable is also what we do best!

Dream Team

Whether you are just beginning the planning process or you are re-planning your postponed wedding, you can absolutely begin assembling your “dream team” of vendors. If you have concerns about possible future postponements, you can bridge this topic from the start, and you’ll likely be comforted that most vendors have put assurances in place that will protect you should your date need to be postponed. This now clears the way for you to begin the planning process full force and be able to enjoy this experience the way you deserve! 

Having the best vendor team is going to be your greatest asset. These are the key people who are going to understand not only what you want, but what it’s going to take to get you there. Your previously planned spring wedding might now be in a different season. We have design ideas for that! Your guest count might have changed. We have design ideas for that too! Your venue may have changed. No problem!

Colorful Bridal Bouquet for Beach Wedding

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Rules Don't Apply

So you had your heart set on a spring wedding, and planned to fully embrace the season with your wedding design. Who’s to say you can’t embody the experience of a spring wedding in the fall or winter? This is when you turn to your team of professionals. Your planner is sure to have a stack of tricks up their sleeves to transform your celebration into the spring day you envisioned. 

The actual springtime florals might be limited in availability, but your floral designer can certainly bring in the season with colors and design elements. And although your outdoor venue might now be indoors, what a beautiful room reveal it will be when your guests walk into a spring utopia, especially if the weather outside is otherwise cold and balmy. 

Alternatively, you can also fully embrace the seasonal change and lean right into it! There’s no harm in asking your planner to present a brand-new look that takes elements from your original wishes and blends them into something that also honors the new season. If your spring vision was soft in colors and wispy in florals, subtly thread in some richer seasonal tones and consider adding in a few delicate branch treatments as a nod to autumn or winter.

Unique Desert Ceremony Structure

Photo by Brian Leahy Photography; Floral Design by Lilla Bello

Point: Your wedding vision isn’t lost by any means. The trusted professionals on your team will guide you, create for you, and deliver a wedding even better than the one you first imagined! We know these have been stressful times. It’s our job to get you through them and keep our eyes set on brighter days ahead.