How to Be a Perfect Maid of Honor

Find out how to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Read these helpful tips for being the best maid of honor you can be.

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As much as we espouse the idea that a bridal party is not required to do anything besides procure their ensembles and be on time for their ceremony duties, we also acknowledge that most people are going to do more than that – especially those named maid of honor. After all, when someone gives you such a meaningful title, you tend to want to live up to their expectations. Or perhaps one of the other bridesmaids snubbed you for the maid of honor job at her wedding, and you want to make her see how perfect you would have been. We’re here to advise, not judge. Whatever your motivations, it’s important to realize that being a top-notch maid of honor is hard work, and can mean something different for every bride. However, there are some standards by which to abide, so read on to get tips on how to be the best maid of honor ever. 

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Read these helpful tips for being the best maid of honor you can be:

- Organize the other bridesmaids and arrange a group or email chain for everyone to get to know each other, assuming not everyone is in the same city. Otherwise, arrange a meet-up for brunch!
- Be enthusiastic about the bride’s ideas for her wedding.

- Give your opinion when she really needs help with a decision but placate her when you already know the answer she wants to hear, barring a huge breach of etiquette on her part.
- Think about her taste, not yours, when offering suggestions.
- Attend any wedding appointments that you are able to.

- Reach out to the mother of the bride before planning a bridal shower. It’s important that she’s able to attend, plus she might have ideas.

- When the bride has found her dress, make sure everyone else in the group knows to be on board so she doesn’t second-guess her decision.
- Find the line between the bride’s dream bachelorette party and what the other bridesmaids can afford.
- Don’t complain about any of the other bridesmaids to the bride.
- Write a thoughtful speech without mentioning anything embarrassing.
- Take care of any mishaps on the wedding day without her knowing
- Make sure the bride actually eats that morning!
- Curate a playlist for getting ready, to help keep everyone in good spirits.
- Dance the night away!

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