How to Choose Between a Band or a DJ

There are good arguments for both options.

How to Choose Between a Band or a DJ

Photo: Roey Yohai Photography

should you hire a band or dj for your wedding?
Photo by Roey Yohai Photography

There seem to be about a million decisions to make when wedding planning, but one that tends to dominate conversation is whether you should have a band or a DJ perform at the reception. Some people are certain there is only one way to go, but both options truly have their own positive attributes that help make a joyous celebration. As with many aspects of your big day, this choice often ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, if you’re really undecided, learning more about each option might help determine which is the best fit for your event. 

Benefits of a Band: 

- A boost of energy. It’s hard to beat live vocals when it comes to keeping the crowd pumped up, especially since members of the large ensembles will occasionally interact with your guests. 

- Something to watch. A live performance is something that can be appreciated whether or not you actually like to tear up the dance floor. Even guests who stay seated can enjoy the show.

- Fits with the look. There is something just so classic about a wedding band. Yet, if you’re going for a more themed or offbeat event, a group of musicians in a specific genre can tie the whole thing together. 

Benefits of a DJ: 

- Convenience and flexibility. Since there’s typically only one person involved, hiring a DJ is often less expensive than a band. They also don’t take up as much space or necessarily need a full stage, which can be helpful if you choose a unique space for your reception. 

- Hearing original songs. Not everyone enjoys covers, and with a DJ you and your guests will listen to hit songs the way they were recorded – although some DJs may create mashups and remixes if that’s your style.

- A variety of tunes. A DJ has just about every song available to play for your big day, so if you and your future spouse like a mix of different genres, you might find a more complete catalogue of your favorites with a DJ. 

Listen to 40 first dance songs from real weddings and discover current trends for reception music.

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