How to Choose Your Wedding Favors

A few things to consider as you select your guests' gifts.

In case you are wondering what to gift to guests, or are debating which items to include, answer the following questions to help guide you in choosing your wedding favors that best reflect your personality.

Photo: Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

No matter how traditional your wedding may be, there is always something unique or personal about the big day. Whether it’s the song you and your betrothed picked for the first dance or simply the color palette of the reception décor, guests will see a reflection of your personalities. One way to really illustrate your tastes is through the wedding favors. They can be as simple as a small bag of Jordan almonds – which holds symbolic meaning in many cultures – or, as extravagant as handmade gift boxes filled with goodies and adorned with a customized monogram. You may even have multiple favors if you really want to pamper your attendees or merely showcase a few of your favorite things.

Regardless of the size, color, and content of these treats, your guests will appreciate that you took the time to specially design them and also share your tastes with everyone. In case you are wondering what to gift to guests, or are debating which items to include, answer the following questions to help guide you.

Do you have a favorite treat?
Typically, many couples pick their favorite candy or a sweet snack that their guests will love. Yes, candy bars are great, but how about offering freshly baked mini donuts from the bride and groom’s favorite shop or take-home slices of cake from a cherished neighborhood bakery.

Are you a sports enthusiast or have a unique hobby?
If you are crazy about a sports team, television series, or play an instrument, wedding favors are the perfect opportunity to showcase your zeal. Think outside of the box: customized comic books, beer from a local brewery with personalized koozies, or baseball hats with embroidered names. The possibilities are endless, so get creative!

Are any foods related to your theme?
If your wedding is located at a vineyard, consider a grape or wine motif for your favors. For nuptials in Vermont, how about nicely bottled maple syrup? Or, do you and your beau frequent a particular hamburger joint? Box up burgers to go, so revelers can enjoy them as a late-night snack.

Is there a family recipe you want others to taste?
Maybe you want to share your grandmother’s famous homemade cookies, or perhaps you yourself have a good recipe for a delicious treat. This is a very personal touch that guests will appreciate. One bride we featured gifted guests mini pies that her grandmother, known for her stellar baking skills, made from scratch.

Do you want your guests to keep the favors forever?
Edible favors will only last a short time, so if you’re seeking something more sentimental, pass on food-related items. You might want to hire a silhouette painter who sketches mini art pieces of each couple in attendance. For a winter wedding, perhaps a glass Christmas tree ornament etched with their names would be perfect. Another great choice we currently love is having custom bags created and filled with snacks, candles, and other goodies that you and your fiancé treasure. Check out these ideas from The Welcome Bag Committee

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