How to Choose Your Wedding Song

Discover 5 tips on deciding which melody you should play during the first dance.

Deciding on one song might be difficult for you and your beloved, especially if you two are avid music lovers; however, there are ways to ease this process and make it more enjoyable.

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Love songs have this magical ability to make you think about your sweetheart, replay memories in your head, and even shed a tear. When you listen to a certain tune, you might be astounded by how relatable it is to your own relationship. Some couples even claim a melody as “their song” because it touches upon something special they share. Like dedications on the radio, the ballad played during your first dance should speak to your heart in this way and have a special meaning behind it.

You might be wondering which one you should choose, or you may have many in mind that you wish you could play all at once. Deciding on one song might be difficult for you and your beloved, especially if you two are avid music lovers; however, there are ways to ease this process and make it more enjoyable.

Bride and groom dancing to first dance song at wedding

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Here are a few suggestions to consider if you are currently undecided or torn between first dance songs:

1. Don’t get too many opinions.
Remember that everyone has different taste in music, so if you ask for recommendations or criticism, you might find yourself trying to please others more than yourself. The final song choice is supposed to speak to you and your partner, so try and keep the decision between the two of you.

2. Listen to the lyrics.
The rhythm may move you, but the words can be just as powerful. Do they remind you of a particular moment with your sweetheart or describe how in love you are? This can be a crucial deciding factor, especially if you want the first dance to capture the essence of your relationship.

3. Remember that many songs will play throughout the reception.
You can prepare a playlist or song list to be given to the DJ or live band to play for the evening if you have must-have tunes in mind. Even with a list of songs all ready, you may still be having trouble narrowing your choices, so consider a father-daughter, mother-son, or another similar dance in order to showcase all of your favorites.

4. Be open-minded.
Whether you like one genre or all kinds of music, take some time to listen to different songs. You may be surprised by what you enjoy or what warms your heart. Research some tunes together if you want to expand your choices and see if a specific melody ignites a spark.

5. Follow your heart.
Out of all the songs you’re considering, you’ll find that one is going to have a deeper meaning than the rest. Listen to your instincts and what you feel is most meaningful for your wedding.

Keep these tips in mind to help guide your way to finding the perfect wedding tune. Your first dance is going to be an unforgettable moment, so make sure the song you choose is very special. For song ideas, gather inspiration from the melodies chosen by Inside Weddings couples, and listen to Spotify's most popular first dance songs.