How to Combine Your Favorite Wedding Themes

Can't decide between two different wedding styles? Find out how to combine them!

How to Combine Your Favorite Wedding Themes

Photo: Jenny Quicksall Photography

For many engaged pairs, one of the most exciting aspects of the planning process is selecting a style for the event that best represents them as a couple. However, the choice can be an overwhelming one – there are so many incredible motifs to choose from. When you have two opinions in the mix, sometimes its necessary to create some sort of compromise; after all, marrying two styles together shouldn’t be a difficult concept for a wedding. Some brides and grooms will fall in love with two or more styles that – they believe – couldn’t be more different. Great news: merging wedding styles may not be as challenging as you think. 

If you’re going to blend designs, the key to remaining tasteful is finding elements from larger ideas that complement each other. For example, if you’re dead-set on having your reception in a barn, but still want the feeling of a grand ballroom, consider creating an “oasis” of elegant detailing with more rustic items as the base: tall, glass vases with full floral arrangements arising from hay bales, intricate lace overlays draped across horse saddles, etc.

You may be mulling over the idea of hosting a destination wedding in a tropical location, but you’re concerned about adding in elements of your home in San Francisco. You and your bridal party could incorporate clear umbrellas into your photo shoot, wicker lounge couches at the reception could be in the style of trolley seats with red cushions and high backs, and your bouquet could be filled with orange bougainvillea, black and orange Parakeet Heliconia, or other vibrant, tropical blooms to match the colors of your hometown sports team.

For some visuals, check out the examples below of combination styles from real weddings!

Mix a verdant garden concept with the views and thrills of big city life like this couple's rooftop ceremony, featuring adundant greenery and blooms against the backdrop of New York City. Photo by Christian Oth Studio

Bring out your inner child with this romantic, yet innocently playful, reception décor, which features an entire wall made of bright flowers mimicking the look of sweets. Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography; Consulting by Birch Design Studio

Integrate three different motifs in the style of this couple's nuptials – a destination Hawaiian wedding, soft and elegant roses, and a tall wooden barrel to add a dash of rustic charm. Photo by Love and Water Photography

Bring your offbeat, quirky style to the great outdoors with this creative blend of metallic plateware, berry- and feather-filled centerpieces, and a woodsy setting. Photo Veronica Varos Photography

Featuring an accent color is an additional way to untie opposing styles – pick a vastly different, but complementing, color for one or two elements of your event for a dramatic statement. Photo by Kortnee Kate; Consulting by Viva Bella Events

We like to call this the "Alice in Wonderland" effect: traditional furniture and other indoor accoutrements placed in a lush alfresco setting for a sophisticated fairy-tale feel. Photo by Tine Hoffman for TM Photography; Consulting by Viva Bella Events

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