How to Create a Unique Wedding Hashtag

These tips will help you create the perfect hashtag for your celebration.

How to Create a Unique Wedding Hashtag

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A wedding trend that would have been baffling only five years ago has now become ubiquitous: the wedding hashtag. More and more couples are promoting a special phrase for their friends and family to use while posting photos of the celebration on Instagram. However, this growing popularity means it is now more difficult to come up with a unique hashtag.

If you and your future spouse have common last names, thinking up an unused hashtag can be a real challenge. If your recent engagement has left you with writer’s block, take a look at these tips on how to create the perfect wedding hashtag!

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• Do you and your sweetheart have any special nicknames for each other? Nicknames from family and friends can also be a great way to add a personalized touch to your hashtag. 

• Are you having a destination wedding? Your ceremony or reception site may inspire a memorable phrase.

• Puns can be fun, but only if it comes organically. If you have to force the joke, or it doesn’t make sense in the context of a wedding, it’s probably not the best choice. 

• Alliteration always makes memorization easy for everyone! 

• Did your friends come up with a sweet “couple name” for you and your sweetheart when you were first dating? That portmanteau finally has a purpose – your wedding hashtag!

• Rhymes are cute and offer a catchy way to make sure your guests remember how to tag their photos on social media.

• Did you use every tip on our list and every hashtag you tried was still already taken? Add your wedding year, or even the whole date!

• Remember to capitalize each word in your hashtag for maximum readability to make it easy on your guests. 

If you're still in need of help, services like Wedding Hashers will create a unique wedding hashtag for you! Once you've chosen your hashtag, make sure to spread the word to guests! Click here to discover unique ways to reveal your custom wedding hashtag.

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