How to Help Your Wedding Photographer

The smoother the day goes, the more beautiful photos you'll have!

How to Help Your Wedding Photographer

Photo: Tec Petaja

how to make your wedding photographer's job easier

Most married couples agree that if you can only splurge on one vendor for the wedding, it should be the photographer. After all, the pictures will last a lifetime – even helping aid your memory as you and your spouse grow old together. But even the best photographer might not be able to produce the ideal images of your big day if you’re setting them up for failure. Not that you’d do so on purpose, of course, but there are steps you can take in order to help your photographer help you have the photo album of your dreams. See the tips below, and your photographer will be sure to thank you. 

- Have a detailed shot list that you come up with together, as your photographer should be familiar with the standard shots all couples want, but also allow time for candids.
- Give them a vendor list. This can be helpful if they’ve worked with some of your vendors before, plus it will simplify the process if your photographer submits your wedding to a magazine or blog like Inside Weddings!
- Tell your photographer about sentimental elements, especially those that don’t seem obvious, so that you’ll have plenty of pictures of these items or moments.
- Plan your schedule together to make sure your shot list is realistic with the time frame. Always make sure there is buffer time!
- Gather all of your detail items in one spot, so the photographer doesn’t have to scrounge around or ask you for them while you’re getting your hair and makeup done.
- Have portraits take place later in the afternoon, as midday has the harshest light.
- Allow them into your venue spaces before the ceremony and reception so they can capture the décor before guests arrive.
- Provide dinner while you eat dinner so they don’t have to rush or risk missing anything.
- Credit and tag your photographer on social media when you begin sharing your images!

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Opening photo by Tec Petaja; Bridal Salon: Carine's Bridal Atelier; Consulting by SoCo Events