How to Host a Morning-After Brunch

It's the biggest post-wedding trend since the honeymoon!

Though it is far from mandatory, the morning-after brunch is an increasingly popular trend in the wedding world.

Photo: Images by Berit, Inc.

Though it is far from mandatory, the morning-after brunch is an increasingly popular trend in the wedding world. With more and more couples using the whole weekend to celebrate their love, a brunch is a great way to spend a little more time with your nearest and dearest before jetting off on your honeymoon. However, there’s already so much that goes into planning your nuptials that adding another event to it might not be worth the stress. Luckily, this being a new tradition means there are not staunch rules of etiquette, and the brunch can be pretty much whatever you’d like it to be.

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Photo by Steve Steinhardt; Planning & Design by Beth Helmstetter Events, Inc.

Perhaps the simplest way to host a post-wedding brunch is using the breakfast option at the hotel where the majority of your guests are staying. Naturally, if there is a continental breakfast you can take advantage of, that will be incredibly cost effective, though may be lacking the special feeling befitting the first fête of your married life. Should the accommodations have an attached restaurant or café, you can inquire whether you can reserve an area for your wedding guests to treat everyone to brunch. If an on-site gathering is not viable, you’ll want a space as close as possible, as your attendees who traveled will not want to have to make their way across town before their flight. 

Given various travel schedules and even hangover levels, it’s likely that most of the people you want to include in your brunch won’t be able to handle a set time. Thus, it’s recommended that the post-wedding event is a more casual drop by type of brunch, with a buffet instead of a plated service. While you are free to have the venue as perfectly decorated and designed as you wish, it’s most kind to your guests to not have any sort of dress code, no matter how opulent your actual wedding was. This is a time to relax with your loved ones in the glow of your new married status. 

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