How to Incorporate Candlelight in Your Wedding Décor

Learn how to create a romantic ambience on your special day.

No matter what style of candles you settle on, candlelight will romantically illuminate a room, creating a sophisticated, even sexy, ambience. Here are some of our favorite ways to see candlelight displayed.

Photo: Denis Reggie Photographers

We all know that candlelight is a very popular and timeless element for weddings of all kinds. Not only is it symbolic in some religious or cultural nuptials, but it can complement practically any theme or color palette. Some couples even craft a décor theme focused primarily on candles in lieu of typical floral centerpieces. Even though white candles are most most common in weddings, candles come in an array of colors, shapes, sizes, and fragrances for brides and grooms to choose from. You can even consult with a candlemaker to discuss a customized design or scent for personalized wedding-day candles.

No matter what style of candles you settle on, candlelight will romantically illuminate a room, creating a sophisticated, even sexy, ambience. Here are some of our favorite ways to see candlelight displayed. 

Candlelit Aisleways
Wedding ceremony with candles along aisle candlelit aisleway

Whether you are getting married in a church, temple, or an alfresco space, your aisle will look gorgeous with an assortment of pillar candles displayed at each row. Place them in lanterns or decorative vases for extra detail and safety purposes. Photo by Valerie Darling Photography

Candelabra on wedding table candlelight candles wedding decor

If you want tall candles or tall decorations in general, the branched candle holders are a clean and elegant choice. You can place them at whatever tables you wish and adorn them with greenery, blooms, gems, and other decorations. Photo by Carasco Photography; Floral Design by Kesh Designs; Linens by Nüage Designs

Small Candle Votives
Small candle votives on wedding table reception ideas

If you want subtle candlelight and/or very low centerpieces, small candles will still light up the tablescape without overpowering the rest of the décor scheme. Be sure to place them in holders so that the wax does not drip onto the linens. Photo by KLK Photography; Planning & Design by Bluebell Events

Floating Candles
Wedding reception floating candles on table wedding ideas

Placing candles in water is a trend that likely isn’t going away. Not only will guests immediately admire the decoration, but it is quite inexpensive and easy to create. Photo by Heather Nan Photography

Candlelit Centerpieces with Florals
Wedding reception centerpiece candelabra with candles and flowers on top
This is the ideal option if you do not want to choose between blooms and candles. Your florist will ensure that your arrangements are not hazardous and that the melted wax will not ruin the flower display. Photo by The Day

Candlelit Cake Table
Wedding cake on table with candle votives candlelight wedding ideas

Surrounding your stunning confection with candlelight is both eye-catching and glamorous. If you do not want to overbear each table with candles, this is a great substitute. Photo by Collin Pierson; Floral Design by Kesh Designs

Candlelit Chandelier
Kandi Burruss Real Housewives wedding ceremony and reception flower chandelier candles
Many venues showcase stunning chandeliers or other decorative hanging lights. However, you may ask to include your own suspended decoration with lighted elements. If you feel more comfortable, you can instead use LED lights that imitate real candlelight. Photo by Robin Gaucher Photography

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