While lounging in a Los Angeles, California recording studio, Allie O’Brien met Kyle Stevens, her future husband. Kyle was interning for Allie’s father, who is a music producer for multiple artists. “Funny thing was that my dad picked up on something between us before we did,” she remembers. After dating for six years, Kyle decided to surprise his sweetheart on her birthday by asking her to spend the rest of their lives together.

With assistance from a team of planners, the duo spent nine months orchestrating their modern-chic soirée in the city where they first met. “We had a lot of people flying in from all over the country, so we did not want them to then have to travel out of Los Angeles,” Allie explains. Following the end of the ceremony that was officiated by their beloved friend, the bride and groom posed for lovely photographs capturing the sunset and downtown skyscrapers. In lieu of a traditional wedding décor, they pursued a rustic, organic ambience featuring vintage cut glassware, lanterns, wooden furniture, and plenty of greenery. “We wanted the inside to feel like the outside, as if you were surrounded by greenery and vines with whimsical tree-like centerpieces in crystal vases,” Allie tells.

As guests were surrounded by greenery and candlelight at the banquet tables, they were delighted by a three-course meal and scrumptious cakes. The couple first served a two-tier confection that was followed by a second cake once their attendees devoured every slice. “We had a back-up cake to feed more. We also had a dessert bar for those who do not enjoy cake,” Allie explains. As the reception came to an end, Allie was thrilled with the outcome of the special occasion. “Everything flowed so smoothly. Everyone was dancing and having a great time,” she affirms.

Allie was so pleased by her wedding professionals, which is why she encourages all engaged pairs to hire and trust the experts. “Remember to enjoy it,” she confides. “The planning can get overwhelming, so do not be afraid to have someone – or hire someone – to help you.”