How to Incorporate Wine into Your Wedding

Get tips from an expert!

We turned to Madame Wine, a leading bespoke wine merchant, and got tips from founder Sophia Zaime on how to find the right wine.

Photo: Laurie Bailey Photography

While the couple may be more focused on the dress or the flowers, the most memorable part of a wedding for guests is often the food. To go with the perfect menu, you need the right wine. If you are not an expert on the subject, it can be a difficult task to make sure you have the best selection for your big day. We turned to Madame Wine, a leading bespoke wine merchant, and got tips from founder Sophia Zaime. “Wine is an incredibly important part of a wedding experience,” she says. “It commemorates this truly unique moment in time celebrating love, it brings joy, friendliness, and contributes to creating lifelong memories you are likely to share with your loved ones for years to come.” 

picking wine for your wedding, choosing wine for your wedding

Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events

Consider Your Audience 

When selecting wines for any large gathering, it is important to consider that not everyone will have the same tastes and preferences. “It is best to select wines that are likely to please the most guests,” says Sophia, “It should have a common taste, but not be too generic.” 

- Some options that you can't go wrong with include a great Saint-Emilion wine in drinkable vintage between 2007 and 2012 (Château Tauzinat l’Hermitage) or a Pinot Noir from Sancerre Domaine Vincent Pinard

Make a Statement with Your Wine & Champagne Display

For a presentation that is truly unique, Madame Wine suggests a supersized bottle of wine or bubbly to make for an impactful (and Instagram-able) moment that will spark conversations for your guests. 

- Wines and champagne such as Magnum of Champagne Pol Roger Brut Réserve, Double-Magnum of Pinot Noir Macon La Myotte 2012 Domaine Guillot-Broux, and Double-Magnum of Sauvignon blanc Pouilly Fumé Silex 2012 Domaine Dagueneau are a few that come in over-the-top sizes to inspire the awe of onlookers. What could be more fun than having your wine served up from a massive bottle that takes two handlers to pour? 

Opt for a Wine Tasting

A wine-tasting bar with flights for testing new wines and flavors fuses an air of sophistication with fun when entertaining guests at the cocktail hour or reception. “Having a wine bar complete with a seasoned sommelier to bring a tasting to life is always a great idea,” says Sophia. “People are always interested in learning more about wine and educating themselves on what they are tasting, so this kind of experience allows your guests to not only enjoy their time at your special event, but also to learn something new while they are there.” 

Sommelier Selection

Choosing the perfect sommelier is also an important consideration, as this should be someone who is both knowledgeable and professional, yet also contributes to the elegant energy of the evening and provides a certain level of entertainment for guests. “The sommelier should avoid speaking too technically about wine,” notes Sophia, adding the importance of a sommelier to involve the guests. “Especially at a wedding, it is important that he or she ensures guests participate and discuss their impressions of each wine they taste.”

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