How to Know You're Ready for Marriage

Find out if you're ready to take the next step in your relationship.

Are you wondering if you really are ready to get married? Let us ease your worries with these relationship signs.

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Are you wondering if you really are ready to get married? Perhaps you’re looking for signs that you and your beloved are about to take that next step or if you’re just having fun looking at engagement rings. Or maybe you’re already engaged, but people outside are filling your head with doubts about your choice, possibly due to being younger or dating less time than they think is acceptable.

how to know when you're ready for marriage

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Let us ease your worries – though the below list is not exhaustive, it should give you an idea if your relationship is a solid foundation upon which to build a marriage. If not? Well, at least you’ll know what you and your sweetheart need to work toward in order to get there!

- You and your partner use “when” instead of “if” when discussing the future. Not only does this obviously show you’re not just talking hypothetically, but it also shows neither of you are worried about “scaring” the other off.
- You share the same core values. Differing religions and political beliefs can be okay as long as your moral compass points in the same direction.
- You fight constructively, toward a common goal of understanding.
- Your finances are no longer something to hide, but rather something you speak openly about.
- You’ve found a comfortable compromise on things related to your families and traditions, like the holidays.
- Hearing about your friends’ tales of the dating world makes you thankful to no longer have to do it.
- The two of you are able to enjoy a day or weekend apart without jealousy or tension cropping up. Even happily married couples need a little bit of alone time on occasion.
- Your sweetheart’s accomplishments make you as happy as your own.
- You want the same things in life, whether it’s children, a house in the suburbs, or three years to travel the world.
- You would still want to get married if having a beautiful wedding wasn’t an option.
- You don’t want or expect their behavior to change after getting married.

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