Newlywed To-Dos for the First Year of Marriage

Keep the love alive after the wedding by following these tips.

Newlywed To-Dos for the First Year of Marriage

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what newlyweds should do in their first year of marriage

After going through the difficult and stressful planning process, finally getting married may feel like “mission accomplished!” Of course, that is just the first step in something that’s meant to last forever. As newlyweds, you and your spouse will want to make sure that that you still have plenty to look forward to after the honeymoon. You got married so that you could spend your life with your beloved, and now it’s time to learn how to go about accomplishing that.

Here are some tips on what to do during your first year of marriage:

- Perhaps you've been waiting until you had high quality items from your registry to really settle in to an interior design. Well, after the wedding you should have almost everything you need, and you and your spouse should work together to create a space that feels like a home.
- If you didn’t live together before marriage, be sure to clearly communicate your viewpoints regarding chores, cleanliness, groceries, etc. Compromise is key, and remember: just because someone loads the dishwasher in a different way than you do, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.
- Host your first party as a married couple, whether it’s as simple as a game night or as extravagant as an elegant holiday party.
- Hopefully you've already discussed plans for children, but now you should go over specific timelines or milestones, if you’re choosing to have them. Is having a child by a certain age more important, or hitting a certain career point? What kind of parenting styles will you be utilizing?
- Eat at least two meals together a week. In these busy times, it's easy to rush through mealtime, but then you’re missing a great time to catch up and stay in tune with each other's lives. Going to bed at the same time is helpful in this regard as well.
- Learn how to handle the in-laws by making sure you're on the same page with how each other's parents will be involved in your lives. This is particularly important if you are coming from different cultural backgrounds with different expectations.
- Keep the spark alive, and not just in regards to bedroom activities! Continue kissing every day, hugging, holding hands, and complimenting each other.
- Plan a fun celebration for your first anniversary, whether a party or a private evening between the two of you.

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