How to Make an Uneven Bridal Party Work

More guys than gals? Three maids of honor and no best man? You can make it work!

How to Make an Uneven Bridal Party Work

Photo: KT Merry Photography

Some brides consider it their worst nightmare: finding themselves with more bridesmaids than groomsmen – or vice versa. In modern weddings, there is a good amount of emphasis placed on the idea of aesthetic coordination – especially when it comes to the bridal party as a whole. But the truth of the matter is, having a one-to-one match for each member isn’t feasible for some couples.

The trend has become so commonplace that engaged pairs have been known to add people to either side purely for the sake of congruence – not because they want that person standing next to them on such an important day. To assist in the organization of the group itself, we’ve complied a list of the ways any bride or groom can make an uneven bridal party work for them:

For Their Stroll Down the Aisle:

-  Single file. Who says anyone needs to be paired up, anyway? To balance things out, you can instruct your attendants to walk to the altar one by one: either alternating between bridesmaids and groomsmen or a solid block of each gender. If the gentlemen feel awkward walking alone, lessen the space between each person and allow them to walk at a slightly faster pace than the usual “canter” speed.

-  Three’s company. If numbers permit, a bridesmaid walking with two groomsmen – or vice versa – looks incredibly sweet. Additionally, if an attendant happens to be the parent of your ring bearer or flower girl, they could walk their child down the aisle. If you’d like the groom’s parents involved, a bridesmaid or groomsman may also fill that role. 

For the Ceremony:

-  All together now. Once they’ve arrived at the end of their journey, they need places to stand. Similar to their walks, your attendants can fill the space around you and your beloved in alternating order, surrounding you both with a semi-circle of support and love. What better way to say “I do”?

-  Uneven Steven. If you’d like to stick with the more traditional “girls-on-bride’s-side, boys-on-groom’s-side” lineup, nothing should stop you. Depending on exactly how uneven the sides are, it may not even be entirely noticeable in pictures. Even if the numbers are disparaging, all eyes will be on you and your sweetheart anyway!

For Formal Pictures:

-  Windows. Do you remember your dance days? You can use the old “windows” strategy – creating two lines and spacing each person, so that each is visible in their own “window” by the camera – for your photos. It’s a classic trick, and there’s a reason it’s still used today: it works.

-  Co-ed. Having an uneven bridal party gives you even more space to let your creative genius loose. Along with the traditional constructions, you can work with your photographer to mix up the group to get fun, innovative pictures of the ladies and gentlemen interacting with one another, as well as with you and your love.

For additional inspiration, view photos of bridesmaids and groomsmen from real weddings in our photo galleries

Opening photo by KT Merry Photography

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