How to Make Sure Your City Wedding Goes Smoothly

Follow these steps for ideal metropolitan nuptials.

Discover tips for making sure your city celebration is as easy as possible.

Photo: Michael Falco for Christian Oth Studio

Though many couples elect to throw either hometown or destination weddings, for sweethearts who grew up far away from each other, the best compromise is often to host their nuptials near their current residence. Naturally, this means many people hold their celebrations in large cities – as that’s where the bulk of the population lives. On the one hand, these events can be easier to plan, as there are generally a higher number of experienced vendors to choose from. However, the hustle and bustle of urban areas can make some aspects of the planning process more difficult. That’s why we have prepared our tips on how to make your big day in the city run as smoothly as possible. 

- Prepare for parking. Any city dweller knows that parking can be a nightmare. It’s important to make sure your venue has parking available for guests; otherwise it’s best to arrange a shuttle from the hotel where everyone is staying.
- Consider the suburbs. Don’t ignore vendors from nearby suburbs. They are usually willing to travel, plus they might have more availability and lower sales tax than their metropolitan counterparts.
- Check your routes. Always be mindful of traffic and possible construction sites. If your ceremony and reception are in different locations, make sure the start times accommodate traffic. Take care to have your two venues as close together as possible and always include buffer time in your itinerary. After all, it’s better to arrive early to your ceremony than to be late because you were caught in traffic.
- What's on schedule? Look into timing before booking. Is there a film festival coming up? You may want to avoid New Orleans during Mardi Gras, Austin during South by Southwest, or Los Angeles during awards season in order to make things easier on your guests.
- Get a permit. Make sure your photographer has any necessary permits to shoot locations in the city.
- Look into noise levels. Check for noise pollution before booking a venue, as well as any zoning restrictions to know when your volume will need to be lowered.
- Know your surroundings. Be conscious of your privacy, if that’s something that’s important to you and your beloved, especially if your nuptials will be held in a tourist destination. Will you be able to reserve your space? Will your photos be taken in an open area where strangers might gawk or be in the background?
- Get a ride. You’ll want to have transportation for you and the bridal party if you traipse around the city for photos. Turn the hassle into an opportunity by using a trolley car or a similar novelty. They make for adorable snapshots!

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