How to Make the Process of Writing Thank-You Notes Easier

It may seem tedious, but they have to get done.

We’ve prepared some tips to make writing your thank-you cards as least arduous as possible.

Photo: Jana Williams Photography

While there are plenty of things to look forward to after getting engaged, we’re not going to pretend there aren’t some chores involved as well. Reading over vendor contracts, dealing with differing opinions from family members, and of course, writing thank-you cards. Though we admit that expressing your gratitude for each gift you receive in written form can be time consuming, there is no denying that it is a task of the upmost importance. After taking the time to attend your special day, or perhaps even giving a gift when they are not able to make it, sending a note to convey your appreciation is certainly the least you can do.

how to make writing your wedding thank you notes easier
Photography by Jana Williams

However, with the amount of work that goes into throwing a wedding, it’s nice to be able to lighten the load whenever possible, which is why we’ve prepared some tips to make writing your thank-you cards as least arduous as possible.

- As soon as you figure out how many people you plan to invite, you should buy forever stamps for your invitations (though larger suites may require additional postage) and your thank-you notes. You’ll appreciate having the stamps on hand, and you won’t have to worry about postage going up after your wedding.
- You should also buy your thank-you cards when you purchase your invitations so the aesthetic matches, and you won’t have to scramble if someone sends a gift early. Make sure to get envelopes that have your return address on them in order to save you time.
- Always write down who sent what so you can personalize each note. If you have a spreadsheet for your guest list, you can simply add a gift column.
- Start sending your thank-you notes as you receive gifts, as some will arrive before the wedding.
- Split up the notes, with you each writing to your own family and friends, and then try to even it out with the mutual guests. Just remember to include both names in the signature, no matter who does the writing.

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