How to Make Your First Dance Stand Out

Find out how to make the moment special for everyone.

Discover three ways to make your first dance stand out!

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Though the ceremony is what brings everyone together, the reception is where the celebration really begins. That doesn’t mean that there can’t still be sentimental moments during the party portion of the evening, however. The toasts can be touching, though there are certainly speeches that are too long or cringe-worthy.

For the newlyweds, the first dance is a magical moment of togetherness, although it can be nerve-wracking for those who either don’t dance or do not like to be the center of attention. When it comes to your guests, on the other hand, a first dance can really drag on after more than two minutes, especially if they’re itching to hit the dance floor themselves. Although the first dance is primarily about the two of you, it’s understandable is you don’t want the attendees watching to be bored. Luckily, there are several ways to make your first dance more memorable. 

how to make your first dance more memorable, make your first dance stand out

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Discover three ways to make your first dance stand out:

- Choreographed routine. It doesn’t have to be over the top or corny, just more moves than simple swaying back and forth. However, feel free to go extreme, even having a flash mob come out and join you. Even if you don't choreograph a routine, many Inside Weddings couples have expressed that taking dance lessons prior to the big day has definitely paid off.

- Unique song. As much as his songs are fit for the occasion, an Ed Sheeran tune is unlikely to make your big moment stand out. While you should always try to choose a song that means something to you as a couple, don’t be afraid to go with an unconventional choice. You could even have an original song commissioned for the occasion – or create a medly of your favorites.

- Surprise performer. Even if you have a live band performing at your reception, a loved one singing or playing for the first dance is a lovely touch. If you can swing it, a celebrity singer will certainly make your moment unforgettable. Take a look at these weddings that included performers Boyz II Men, Tim McGraw, and Kenny G.

- Special effects. Fog, confetti, or even fake snow falling from the ceiling will certainly add a wow factor to the proceedings. 

For more ideas, gather some inspiration for your first dance with songs from Broadwayalternative rock music, and popular tunes chosen by real brides and grooms.