What You Need to Know Before Attending a Spring Wedding

Five ways to prepare as a guest.

As Spring wedding season rolls in, you may need some tips on how to prepare and what to bring for the special day.

Photo: Dear Stacey

Spring is in the air! Whether you live somewhere with extreme or mild winters, it’s generally a welcome change of season. Spring also can be a lead up of sorts to wedding season. Summer remains the most popular time of year to tie the knot, and autumn will always have its fans, but winter tends to be primarily focused on proposals. Those couples from last engagement season have now had a year to plan, and many of them may decide on a spring date. After being used to bundling up before attending events these past few months, you may need some tips on how to prepare and what to bring if you have been invited to attend a spring wedding.  

what you need for attending a spring wedding

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- Wear layers. Spring doesn’t always mean warmer weather, and nights are probably cooler than they would be in the summer. Find a stylish cardigan, pashmina, or jacket to pair with your ensemble. 

- Rain or shine. “April showers bring May flowers,” as the saying goes. While some couples provide umbrellas and/or sunglasses during their alfresco ceremony, those are not amenities you can count on. Keep from squinting and stay dry by bringing your own weather-related accessories. An umbrella may come in handy even with an indoor vow exchange if the reception is held in a different venue. 

- Stay healthy. Changing weather tends to affect people’s immune systems, especially when traveling is involved. Vitamin C and zinc supplements can do a lot to help, and of course always maintain frequent hand washing. 

- Protect your skin. Keep an eye on the UV index during the ceremony time. If it’s a three or above (or even lower, if you burn easily), then make sure to apply sunscreen before an outdoor ceremony. If the location is in an area where mosquitos and other bugs are aplenty, you’ll want to have bug spray as well. 

- Avoid allergies. If you have seasonal allergies, don’t forget your (non-drowsy!) medication so you won’t be sneezing throughout the ceremony. Watery eyes should only be due to your emotions at the touching vow exchange, not because of pollen!

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