Inspiring Grand Entrance Ideas to Wow Your Wedding Guests

Kick off your reception with an entrance worthy of a standing ovation.

Your entrance into your reception room is referred to as “grand” for a reason: for many couples, this is the first introduction you and your beloved will share as a married couple.

Photo: Melani Lust Photography

Your entrance into your reception room is referred to as “grand” for a reason: for many couples, this is the first introduction you and your beloved will share as a married couple. In recent years, newlyweds have taken it upon themselves to plan an upbeat, exciting processional for their entire bridal party. Stuck on what you’d like to do? We’ve scoured the Internet and complied a list of memorable ideas you can incorporate into your big moment.

-  Show your acting chops. Channel everything you learned in your high school’s drama class and put on a little show. If you have a good amount of extra time before your big day, you might coordinate with a few friends and film a little skit. It can be about anything: your love story, funny anecdotes about your relationship, or even the harrowing journey that you and your sweetheart must embark upon to get to your reception on time.

-  Dancing with the stars. This is a great option for those couples that may want to blend their entrance with their first dance as a married pair. Enter your space in the midst of an intricate foxtrot or a steamy rhumba, or perhaps you’d like to get the party started by groovin’ to the popular hits of today. Getting your bridal party involved may also prove to be a fun, memorable experience. Whether or not you receive extensive dance lessons or mostly just “wing it,” your guests are sure to be entertained.

-  Dazzle the masses. Light displays are a time-tested crowd pleaser. You can talk to your venue and your planner about how you might go about coordinating a mystifying show that will fit with your nuptials. Strobe lights, color filters, and spotlights can all be matched to music, rousing your attendees and set the tone of the evening before you’ve even joined in the fun.

-  Outline your love. Get creative by setting your entrance to a silhouette performance. After clearing it with your venue coordinator, you can set up a large projection screen with lights pointing at it from the back. Once standing in between the canvas and the lights, guests will only see your outline, which could make for something sweet and romantic or incredibly humorous and playful.

-  Confetti for all. Confetti drops are indicative of an accomplishment, and what better way to celebrate your connection with your new spouse? You can select normal, colorful confetti, or even go with something a little more unique, such as rose petals, artificial feathers, or balloons.

-  Get sentimental. Enter alongside a slideshow or a compilation of home videos of the both of you growing up. You can add in similar childhood milestones (taking your first steps, riding a bike, graduating high school, etc.) to compare side by side. Ask a video-savvy friend or bring it up to your planner and hire a professional to put it together – and, like all customized portions of your wedding, check with the location and ensure you have the permission and the technology to move forward.

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