How to Be the Best Plus One Wedding Guest

Learn how to blend in and make a good impression when you don't know the newlyweds.

Follow these tips to be a shining example of a plus-one wedding guest, rather than finding yourself as part of a future wedding horror story.

Photo: Lucy Munoz Photography

Whether you’re in a serious relationship or just started seeing someone, being included as a plus one for a wedding can be intimidating – especially if you have never met or barely know the couple. You want to have a good time without negatively impacting the big day for the newlyweds or embarrassing your date. As budgets for nuptials continue to rise, many brides and grooms feel the need to enforce a “no ring, no bring” policy, so you should feel privileged to be included in this special day. At the very least, the sweethearts must think a lot of your date, and that’s nice!

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Photo by Branco Prata; Planning & Design by Evoke Design & Creative

Follow the tips below to be a shining example of a plus one guest, rather than finding yourself as part of a future wedding horror story. 

- Don’t change your mind at the last minute. If you were included on the RSVP, show up.
- Read the wedding website to get more information on the couple, as well as know the dress code. If there isn’t a website, take a look at the invitation as a guide, and ask your date about the lovebirds.
- Congratulate and thank the newlyweds, but don’t trap them in conversation for a long time either. They have a lot of guests they want to catch up with!
- Even if it’s not announced as an unplugged ceremony, leave your phone alone. You don’t even know these people, so it's best to pay attention.
- Limit yourself at the open bar. Drunken guests are bad enough without being people the newlyweds barely know.
- Try to get to know the other people at your table by engaging them in conversation.
- Avoid attracting too much attention. This isn’t the time to ham it up while going for the bouquet or busting your wildest moves in the center of a dance circle.
- If you’re not sure if the outfit you have in mind is appropriate, wear something else. Always play it safe in these situations.
- Spend some time on the dance floor – you don’t want your first impression to be as a stick in the mud.
- Be positive and don’t complain to your date. Not only is it bad form, but it’s also not exactly a good start to a presumably new relationship.