Is a Labor Day Weekend Wedding Right for You?

Determine if you should tie the knot over the end-of-summer holiday.

Take a look at the following pros and cons if you desire a Labor Day Weekend wedding or simply want to learn more about the idea.

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Labor Day Weekend is a very popular time for barbecues, family trips, fun staycations, relaxation, and even weddings! Not only is the extended weekend convenient because of the additional day off of work, school, or other regular weekday responsibilities, but it also allows for extra time to celebrate special occasions with loved ones.

Many couples book their wedding during this time for a number of reasons; however, as with anything else, there are benefits and disadvantages to this decision that should be considered. A three- or four-day weekend sounds wonderful with all the fun that can be had for your wedding weekend, but there are many other factors that surround this holiday. Take a look at the following pros and cons if you desire a Labor Day Weekend wedding:

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Pros of a Labor Day Weekend Wedding

- You can have an extended wedding weekend.

If you want to celebrate your wedding for more than one or two days, then Labor Day Weekend is a perfect choice. Guests will be thrilled to partake in this extra time with you and your spouse, as well as other loved ones – four days of celebrating with your favorite friends and family can prove to create the best memories.

- A Sunday wedding can last much longer.

For a typical Sunday wedding, the occasion may end early, or guests may just leave early, because of work or school the following day. However, this is less likely a problem on Labor Day Weekend; guests who have the day off will be able to partake in the festivities until later in the night.

- You have an extra day to relax.

You may very well want to celebrate from Friday to Monday, but you can also end your weekend on Sunday to leave some time to recover the next day. Since a weekend wedding can be hectic and tiresome, Labor Day can offer the perfect opportunity to stay in and relax after your festivities.

Cons of a Labor Day Weekend Wedding

- Many people travel for this holiday.

Be mindful that many people book their Labor Day vacations far in advance, since the weekend is common for travel. To help prevent guests being unable to attend due to prior travel commitments, consider sending your save-the-dates months prior so your loved ones can ensure their attendance.

- The weather can be uncertain in September.

Although the summer heat should have decreased, some locations across the country may still be pretty warm, while others are starting to become chillier. Be prepared to deal with surprising temperatures.

- School is back in session.

If you have friends or relatives that attend college in another state or will be studying abroad in the fall term, they might not be able to attend. This con should especially be considered if many of your guests are school-aged or college students and you would really like them to be present.

- Heavy traffic.

Because it’s a holiday weekend where most people take the opportunity to vacation, freeways and roads will have more traffic which can cause delays for guests and vendors. Airports and trains will also be more congested than on a normal weekend and travel prices may certainly be higher for your guests. 

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