Top 3 Etiquette Tips for Planning a Sunday Wedding

Learn what you need to do differently if you marry on a Sunday.

Saturday may be the most common day of the week to get married, but it’s not always the best choice for some couples.

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Saturday may be the most common day of the week to get married, but it’s not always the best choice for some couples. For example, traditional Jewish ceremonies cannot be held on the Sabbath, which is from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. Thus a classic summer wedding would have to be held either late in the evening on Saturday, or on Sunday at any time of day. For couples of different faiths, Sunday may be selected to reserve a venue that is otherwise booked up. Those whose engagement periods are under a year may find that there are not many places with Saturdays available, and instead opt for a different day rather than waiting longer to get married. 

As a day most people have off of work, Sunday is considered a reasonable alternative to a standard Saturday celebration. However, it’s important to know that there are different considerations to keep in mind for a Sunday wedding – particularly if it’s not the Sunday during a three-day weekend. While these are not official etiquette guidelines, your guests will appreciate what you have done to assuage any potential inconvenience, making it easier to attend your special day.

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1. Consider hosting your nuptials earlier in the day, perhaps even opting for a brunch reception. This will give guests the ability to get home in time for a good night’s sleep to prepare for work the next day without feeling like they have to miss out on the festivities. 

2. Skip the morning-after brunch, and instead consider a welcome party on the day before the ceremony. This can either be an elaborate rehearsal dinner including all those who are able to attend, or a fun cocktail hour or toasting event that takes place after the more traditional rehearsal dinner. 

3. If you have many religious guests, you may want to choose the time carefully to ensure your ceremony will not interfere with church services, especially if your nuptials will not include a full mass. This may make hiring a religious officiant more difficult as well, as Sunday is naturally a busy day for them. 

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