Top 3 Etiquette Tips for Planning a Friday Wedding

Learn what you need to do differently if you marry on a Friday.

Though Saturday is easily the most common day of the week to get married, more and more couples are choosing alternative dates, such as a Friday.

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Though Saturday is easily the most common day of the week to get married, more and more couples are choosing alternative dates. Sometimes the reasoning is simply to save money, but dates other than Saturday may be chosen due to a date with sentimental value, or to secure time at a dream venue. Sweethearts having a short engagement will almost certainly have fewer wedding dates available to them, and thus hosting their nuptials on a different day may be the only way.

Most people’s next choice would be a Friday wedding, as a fun way to kick off the weekend. What engaged couples may not know, however, is that there is a whole new set of rules that comes with having your vow exchange on a Friday. For the most part, these are not official etiquette guidelines, but rather ways to make a potentially inconsiderate wedding date easier on your guests. 

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1. Hold the ceremony later in the evening, between 6PM-8PM. Local guests still have work, and out-of-town guests may try to fly or drive on the same day in order to avoid having to take multiple days off work. This doesn’t have to mean a shorter wedding if you’re hoping to dance the night away – the reception can last longer because people are just starting their weekend, and don’t necessarily have to travel the next day.

2. Unless the vast majority of your bridal party is far away and traveling two weekends in a row would be worse than taking an extra day or two off of work, having the rehearsal the weekend before the wedding is likely to make things easier.

3. Since you’re presumably saving money by having a Friday wedding, you should refrain from skimping on amenities for the guests, such as a full reception dinner or an open bar. It would also be a nice touch to have nicer-than-average gifts for the bridal party.

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