Is a Valentine's Day Proposal Right for You?

For some, it's romantic. For others, it's corny.

If you were considering popping the question on February 14th, consider these factors first.

Photo: Yogi Patel - Global Photography

We’re closing in on the end of engagement season, which is usually considered to be at its conclusion on Valentine’s Day. Considered a holiday of romance, Valentine’s Day seems like a natural choice when deciding to propose to your sweetheart. After all, the day is supposed to be about celebrating your love, right? However, for some, getting engaged on Valentine’s Day is distasteful. One reason people may not desire a proposal on this holiday is because it feels too obvious. While most future brides are unlikely to say no if proposed to on a day they didn’t want, it’s still better to make sure everyone is happy with the engagement anniversary. If you were considering popping the question on February 14th, consider these factors first. 

pros and cons of proposing on valentine's day

Photo by Maitha Lunde

As with any grand gesture, think about your beloved. Does she make a big deal about Valentine’s Day, always planning or hoping for an elaborate date? If so, she would probably find a proposal on that holiday to be dreamy and romantic. For some couples, particularly those who first got together when they were quite young, Valentine’s Day may in fact be your anniversary. In that case, popping the question while celebrating will be sentimental and personal. 

Of course, there are many people who are cynical when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Often people assume this attitude is limited to single folks, but plenty of men and women in relationships find the holiday to be too much pressure for couples and overly commercialized. If your significant other feels this way, then it’s safe to say that they would probably not appreciate a Valentine’s Day proposal. If your sweetheart has ever expressed a desire to get engaged during a quiet moment at home, February 14th might not be the right choice for you either. Yes, holiday proposals can still be low-key, but the day itself lends to implied grandiosity. Popping the question on a seemingly random afternoon may feel more romantic for a laid-back individual.