What Engaged Couples Should Do on Valentine's Day

For most people, this is the last Valentine's Day before getting married.

Your first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple is also often the last one until you get married. Does that mean you want to make it extra special?

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Whether or not they are in a relationship, people tend to have very mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s all about commercialism and puts too much pressure on people to have a perfect day of romance. Others find it to be a darling excuse to shower their sweetheart with love! There’s really no wrong answer, but it is important for couples to be on the same page so no one is stressed out or disappointed. Now, once you are engaged, it’s most likely that you and your future spouse have a handle on how you both prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, things can feel a little different while you are planning a wedding. Your first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple is also often the last one until you get married. Does that mean you want to make it extra special? Well, that’s up to you and your sweetheart, but below are some options to consider.

valentine's day date ideas for engaged couples
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Some people, particularly those who do not care for Valentine’s Day, may like the idea of using the day to focus on the wedding. Sitting together and making some crucial decisions about the big day makes the occasion about your love without seeming manufactured and forced. Of course, what most couples really need is a break from wedding planning. Use Valentine’s Day as a chance to put your nuptials out of sight and out of mind. If you’ve been stressed out, a spa day complete with a couple’s massage may be exactly what you and your partner need to decompress and reconnect. 

Recreating important dates (such as your first one) is always a popular idea for Valentine’s Day, but now that you’re engaged, you can really lean into it by repeating elements of the day you said yes. Whether that’s a hike – provided the weather allows for it – a home-cooked meal, or a romantic stay-cation, it’ll remind you of the journey you two have started together.

In any year, the cost of Valentine’s Day can seem hard to overcome. Fancy restaurants with prix-fixe menus will run more than an average night out, and hotel prices tend to soar for the romantic holiday. This can seem even more insurmountable if you’re trying to save money for a wedding and honeymoon. Don’t be afraid to have a low-key night at home with your future spouse. Plenty of romance can be had without spending a cent. 

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