Items Your Bridesmaids Will Need on the Wedding Day

A list of important things a bridesmaid should consider carrying with them throughout the nuptials.

Items Your Bridesmaids Will Need on the Wedding Day

Photo: Roey Yohai Photography

The importance of being organized on your wedding day cannot be overstated. Developing a clear, concise, and feasible day-of itinerary is pertinent for your nuptials to run as smoothly as possible. Even if you believe you have a great memory and can complete everything in a timely manner off the top of your head, what’s the harm in ensuring you’re fully prepared?

On the big day, there will be a number of tasks and items that brides and grooms need to remember – most important being the marriage license! – so it can get a little overwhelming. Additionally, if you’re going to be a bridesmaid or a maid of honor in an upcoming wedding, there are certain items that would be of great benefit to carry – for the couple as well as yourself. If you are able to bring – and safely stash – a larger bag on the day of, or if you can pick and choose a few things to keep in a clutch or smaller purse, here are some things to pack that will come in handy:

-   Comfortable (and portable) shoes. If the event includes dancing – or even if your feet get tired easily – bring a flat pair of shoes along. You can purchase a cheap pair of portable flats or have your favorite pair of sandals ready to pull out of your purse to ensure your comfort well into the evening. 

-   Tissues or makeup wipes. Through the tears, sweat, and activity, chances are high that someone’s makeup will run a bit. Have these on hand to wipe away any smudges, comfort the bride or groom, and even dab someone’s overheated forehead. 

-   Makeup items. Bring along the shade of lipstick – or something close to it – you have on, as well as mascara, concealer, and eyeliner for small touch-ups throughout the day.

-   A small snack. Stay energized with a few bites of an energy bar or a handful of crackers! It’ll be a busy day, so it’s important to remind yourself – and the rest of the bridal party – to eat. 

-   Band-Aids. Little cuts happen! Be sure to have these available, just in case. Additionally, putting a Band-Aid on the heel of each foot may help alleviate some of the scratching caused by the backing of high heels. 

-   A cell phone charger. With all of the coordinating and impromptu photo taking, your phone may very well run out of battery quicker than you’d expect. You’ll want to bring a charger – wireless, if possible – to make sure you can keep snapping pictures well into the night.

-   Extra hair ties. Even if all of the ladies are sporting long “down-dos,” having extra hair ties on hand will save a lot of people from ruining their coiffures on the dance floor. Throw your hair into a ponytail or high bun and keep dancing!

-   A few pain relievers. Headaches from the stress of the day can occur quite easily, so have a few Aspirin – or something of the like – ready to take. Additionally, be sure to have water to sip throughout the event.

-   Deodorant. Sneak off to the bathroom to combat the heat of an outdoor wedding – or a thriving dance floor – with a stick of clear deodorant.

-   Breath mints. Have fresh breath after enjoying delicious hors d’oeuvres or your main course – especially if you plan on some close-knit dancing with the rest of the wedding party!

-   Bobby pins and safety pins. As we know, hair and fabric can come undone at any moment, so having a fresh batch of pins is always smart. They can get lost so easily, so have a bag full of new ones to keep everything in place.

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Opening photo by Roey Yohai Photography

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